YG ‘Still Brazy’ Cover & Release Date

still brazy

Brazy World.

With a look of a mad man, things get blurry on the artwork for YG’s upcoming sophomore album, now titled, Still Brazy. Young Gangsta¬†has also announced the official release date of June 17.

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  • The orginal “…”

    Very strong, I’m interested in hearing what he has to offer, shout out to Def Jam going very hip hop on this one and YG for the creativity, WEST UP

  • YG is trill, I fxcks wit him, hope this one slaps like his last joint!

    • K.I.

      That My Krazy Life impressed the fuck out of me. Very good album.

  • el jim chapo guzman


    • tha OG

      This nigga is very consistent this shit is going to be FIRE!

      • el jim chapo guzman

        my krazy life dropped in 2014

        • tha OG

          I’m talking about dropping singles

  • YG

    “Still Have HPV”

  • Sonic

    This nigga is trash.

    • tha OG

      Nah nigga you trash YG got great music!

      • Sonic

        You look like a homeless person.

        • tha OG

          Nah! Nigga I got a house & pay all my bills but you like garbage ass music!

          • Sonic

            YG is a garbage ass rapper.

          • tha OG

            Young thug is Gay as Fuck & mumbles all the Damn time!

  • F*ck Drake

    Got YG in June and Q next month. Summer gonna be turnt.

    • Agnes85585

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  • Mista

    West Coast!!!! Fuck trap rap!

  • BK

    can’t wait

  • Kaybee

    Worst cover of 2016

  • Kris Kompute

    Singles have been poo. Hoping for the best.

    • tha OG

      Nigga twist my fingaz & I wanna benz is great!! What you talking about?

      • LuckyP

        YG, IS THAT YOU??!

        • tha OG

          Nah nigga YG got good songs you must be def!

  • tha OG

    This YG album is going to be great!! YG400!!!!!!!!!!!