• tha OG

    This shit is good!

  • el jim chapo guzman

    not bad

  • Mista



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      • Mista

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        • PREMERE

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          • Mista

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          • PREMERE

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          • Mista

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          • PREMERE

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          • Mista

            Comprehension skills but you cant fuckin spell!!! Keep talking online from your moms computer while real men like me have to take care of their families and have 250k mortgages. Im done talking about watch finals on my 10k projector while your still blogging and commenting with your meat beaters at your mothers expense!

          • PREMERE

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  • True story no lie

    First album I heard from mistah fab has some good joints on it. Memory Lane, the chill, son of a pimp 2, survive(the best song on album Kendrick,crooked) backseat,all around the world,disrespectful,brother to brother,up until then , commin down all good songs worth a listen.

  • LouisianaTexArk

    Boosie been rapping like this since the camp back in the 90s. He was like 15 with bars. If you not up on the history of something don’t speak on it.

  • zbs

    Just makes me wish I was actually listeing to Juve “Ghetto Children.”