• el jim chapo guzman

    Flipmode was the shit.

    • Pamela Davis

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    • Harvey Specter

      They used to be good eons ago.

      Work! That’s all my niggas workin’ with
      Work! That’s all my niggas lurkin’ with
      My teacher told me that I was a piece of shit
      Seen her the other day, driving a piece of shit
      Work! Exactly what I’m screamin’ ho
      Certified, 8 digit nigga, triple beamin’ ho
      You talkin’ to the Holy Ghost
      I’m smokin’ ’til I overdose
      When I fuck she let her pussy soak
      Even my lawyer be askin is it dope
      Never break the code shock me with a million volts
      I’m forever dope, touched by the holy ghost

      • el jim chapo guzman

        weak ass bar.

  • classic, this not G-unit though.