New Music: The Game x Jeremih “All Eyez”


Trophy Wife

Game’s keeps his arm candy to himself on this sugary ballad featuring Jeremih. The song will appear on Chuck’s album 1992 which is penciled in for later this year. In the meantime, you can watch his A&E documentary Streets of Compton here.

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  • Mista

    Don’t like when Game makes these type of records but it’s an obvious hit!!


      An your an obvious dick rider, you stay with mens name in your mouth, i posted my address im waiting on you so i can smack that guyliner out your doofy face bitch………

      • Mista

        Im in front of you crib now bitch whats poppin! Been in Brooklyn all week with my Crown Heights niggas so bring your bitch ass outside so I can Worldstar you. Brand new black Suburban! Dont keep me waiting or I feel sorry for your people!

        • PREMERE

          I gave you the addy son, come on in the court yard and holla G, promise you gonna find what your looking for.

        • PREMERE

          Yeah yeah worldstar, yeah yeah brand new black suburban, yeah yeah you feel sorry for my people…..

      • Mista

        Bring ya bitch ass outside and catch this fade. Im giving you an hour. I gotta go back to Cali Wednesday so come get your ass handed to you. Black Suburban with the Blue Balmain shirt with the Penny Hardaways. My Crown Heights Niggas and my Dred niggas got your address so when I leave your loved ones a target! I told you I do no talking. Come out Bitch and get this Fade!

      • Mista

        Im over by Project Parlor right now coming down Nostrand bitch whats poppin hoe ass nigga you got an hour I suggest you get this fade because trust my Crown Heights niggas going to make it hard for you and your family homie! This internet going to get you and your family fucked up! So like I said Black Suburban with Blue Balmain shirt and Penny Hardaways Im all around Nostrand and Willoughby whats poppin bitch!

        • PREMERE

          Dam G you talk so tough im shook. Lmaoooooo

          • Mista

            Whats poppin im here bitch! I told you I do no talking! Right here on Park Ave. Come get this Fade!

          • PREMERE

            Lmaoooo stfu you aint no place g, im out here in the jects you home safely internet tough typing……

          • Mista

            Nigga you bitchmade. I was in your hood and you bitched up on mamas. My CH niggas got your address protect your family! You officially pussy busta ass nigga!

          • PREMERE

            Lmaooo i swear you got me cracking the fuck up clown. Cough up a lung where im from……

          • PREMERE

            Smack that mascara out your face clown, first you s west coast nigga, now you riding in new suburbans round crown heights 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂, you bitch ass mother fucker…..

  • RTH

    game just says whatever he wants. either he doesn’t give a shit or he’s just retarded

  • BK

    Cool track, Jeremih killed it.

  • fuck this, we need a 50 Cent remix cause that’s all i listen to.

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Fuck game shouts to jeremih for making the song listenable.

  • tha OG

    This shit good!

    • Susan75698

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  • This shit is trash & I’m a Game fan…same song.

  • Gusto0810

    Beat is smooth, nice vibes. Sounds like a hit. Jermih is at home on this one but nah, this ain’t a song I would have pictured Game on. He sounds out of place. Dope to see Scott Storch still got that work with the beats though!

  • The Haters Advocate