New Music: No Malice “Jesus Christ”

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Forgive ‘Em

Produced by Lee Major, No Malice lays out the consequences of a life of crime with this testament. Amen to that.

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  • el jim chapo guzman


    • Too hardcore for your ears.

      • el jim chapo guzman

        That shit was weak my dude

  • tha OG

    Great song! Jesus Christ is the true king!!!!

    • marty mcfly

      That no historical scholar has ever been able to prove existed. Outside of the biblical stories, which has been proven time and time again as not being based on historical fact and largely based on plagiarized stories taken from other cultures and put together later by European invaders…

      During the time of Jesus people left documented accounts of people, they painted people and made statues and left eyewitness documentations of great men and their actions. Outside of the bible, NOBODY left any non-religious account of seeing Jesus walk on water, heal the blind or fly away in the sky after rising from the dead.

      • tha OG

        Nigga I don’t give a Fuck what you got to say I told you before I believe in the almighty GOD & my Lord & savior Jesus Christ but & many other smart blacks believe in him too & other races of people so I will not go back in forth with your ignorance & I will not have sympathy for you when you in Hell! You chose not to worship the almighty GOD! & you will learn in the End !

        • marty mcfly

          When you say “other smart black”? Do you mean black people that have the heart enough to do research outside of whats been told to them in religion? Or just black people that run with what they’ve been told by preachers?

          You say “my ignorance”? But do you based your religion is historical FACTS that have been PROVEN? Or simply in biblical story that still to this day has NOT been proved as fact? Who’s really being ignorant?

          You talk about me going to hell? How “ignorant” is it to speak of a place that you and anybody you have ever known have NEVER proven to be an real?

          You talk about me not worshipping “God”? God has NEVER told you that he requires “worship”. You heard that from man. No conception of “God” imo would ever ask man to worship him/her/it….

          You say the true israelites were black… I never said there weren’t. The difference between me and you is, I can tell you who the Israelites were, YOU can’t not because you read it in a book that says NOTHING about them being black. I know “Israelites” is a name that was given to them, not what they called themselves…

          You say “religion” is not about race only because you don’t know any better? If “religion” was not about race then why to “religious” people separate themselves racially? Black church, White church, Arab church etc… If “religion” was not about race then “religious” people would there would be NO SEPARATIONS made in religion.

          Christianity is about RACE is this can be PROVEN by military warfare, invasion, indoctrination, language, politics etc…

          You say your gonna pray for my soul to Jesus Christ? But did he tell HIMSELF that thats his name, or are you simply running with what you heard from other people and what you read in a book produces by the Council Of Nicea?

          You call my “lost”? Ok well PROVE your God as a “FACT”, not a religion or a belief but with hardcore FACTUAL PROOF? Can you do that? No, so who is really “lost”? When you pray you send frequency from your mind into the universe but you have not really looked into what happens when you send those signals from your mine into the cosmos? You just sending them to a MAN MADE conception of God. So who’s really “lost”?

          When you say “AMEN”? You think that has anything to do with Christianity? It doesn’t. AMEN is a NAME so do you know who your talking to when you say Amen? You think its just a closing to a prayer? Or that you singing off with Jesus? Amen was around ten thousand years before there was every a jesus or Christianity so who are you talking to when you say “AMEN”? You don’t know.

          In reality people like you are AFRAID because you’ve been worshipping a white mans conception of god and you don’t wanna do the knowledge on who your worshipping because your afraid to find out that what your really worshipping is a man made conception of god that was forced indoctrination on African people who did NOT accept such beliefs until it was FORCED on them.

          YOU are lost, not me but I know why you mad because what I’m saying not only rocks the foundation of your belief system but then you have to actually go do the research to prove me wrong and THATS what your to afraid and weak to do.

          You don’t need to pray for me, that man who sends prayers to those he does not know is a fool. Pray for yourself that one day you will see with your own eyes rather then other peoples…

          • tha OG

            Still Dumbass bitch im not done! Religion is Not about race I go to a mixed church blacks & white & Mexicans go to my Church where I stay at not all churches are segregated like that & I don’t need research almighty GOD have all the research in the world he knows what you and I thinking right now! & Christianity is not no white man religion all races worship the almighty Jehovah!

          • marty mcfly

            “Religion” IS about race and there is over two thousand years of history that PROVES IT without any shadow of a doubt but you can only see with “religious” eyes and not your actual eyes and THAT is were you have been deceived.

            You say you go to a mixed church? Clearly my comments speak on the LARGER dynamic of churches all over the country and world.

            You say you don’t need to “research”? That alone is the thinking of a fool. Even preachers read the bible before talking about it. That is a form of research right there. Where they go wrong is they never investigate whether or not the claims made in the bible is based on historical documented fact or not.

            Christianity IS a white mans religion because no other race was using the word “Christianity” before they came into contact with white people.

        • marty mcfly

          Don’t bring Native Americans and Buddhists in this either… They know how to separate ancient stories from historical facts. You don’t and right there is the inception of just how lost you are.

          • tha OG

            So I decided I’m not done with your ignorant ass! you mother fucker are going to Hell & I can bring any religion I want in this conversation so deal with it! The true Israelites are Black People so shut the Fuck up so proverbs 3:5-7 trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding in all your ways acknowledge him make straight your paths be not wise in your own eyes fear the Lord and turn away from evil. But you don’t want to turn away from your evil was SMH!

          • marty mcfly

            You being so angry only further lets me know you don’t know what your talking about. You keep talking about hell but yet you don’t know the address, never seen it and never been there…

            Yeah you can bring any religion into it when you don’t know anything about the religion you talking about cause ignorance is bliss. Please don’t associate anything in terms of your beliefs with Native Americans. They look at the “god” you worship as the murderer or their people…

            You say the Israelites were black people? Show me where in the bible you read that?

            You say I don’t wanna turn away from evil? I said NOTHING whatsoever about evil but you the one cussing me out over what you can not prove so its you thats looking to evil not me.

            You speak about trust? Trust is EARNED not just given away… All you can do is make up some bullshit and about how god or Jesus personally came to you and earned your trust? But you and I both know that would be a lie.

          • marty mcfly

            Of course the god you worship doesn’t want you to lean “on your own UNDERSTANDING” because that would only expose your “religious system” as false.

          • tha OG

            No Dumbass he don’t want you too think you is bigger than him which you are not & no one is Almighty GOD is the true KING! You will answer to Jehovah in the end & you will be disappointed In your choices in life!

          • marty mcfly

            Yeah he don’t want you to THINK and this is why the “Tree of the KNOWLEDGE of good and evil” has been forbidden to you. You talk about god as being a king or almighty? Imo “God” would NEVER be concerned with being king or almighty. These are man made conceptions. You talk about Jehovah but have never heard God tell you directly that that was his name. The ONLY reason why you even say it is because you heard it from other men.

          • tha OG

            Bitch! I heard GOD before some time ago I use to do bad things like steel & commit adultery & did not remember the Sabbath by not going to church but One night I was sleeping the almighty GOD said to me in a Loud powerful voice ” you have Done Wrong turn away from sin or perish” his voice was so strong it knocked me out of the bed & I was in a Deep sweet but thats when I knew I had to turn my life around the next day I drove to a local church & got saved! HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • marty mcfly

            Your delusional and or crazy.

          • tha OG

            I’m tired I’m going to Bed I will deal with your ignorant ass in the morning but all praise to my GOD & my Lord & savior Jesus Christ! But Fuck you! See you in the morning! 🔚

          • marty mcfly

            You can’t deal with me because you think just talking out of emotions somehow proves your opinion as historical FACT. It does not. You praise what you can NOT PROVE. If Jesus is your savior then what did he save you from? Sin? Wrong because you have sinned numerous times since you been born and you have NO receipt or sign that you have been forgiven so either your savior failed or you talking about what you can not prove…

            Now people will take this as me bashing they religion? No, What I am saying is how can you call other people names for not believing in what you can NOT PROVE? You are more wrong then they are.

          • tha OG

            I can prove my son was takin away later on I later got baptized too! & when my preacher put me under water & lifted me up I saw a bright light & I herd a soft voice say ” you are saved ” but 1 John 1:9 if we confess are sins he is faithful and just to forgive us are sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness!

          • marty mcfly

            Yeah sure man. Christians been saying they hear the voice of God for years when actually they hearing their own thoughts. Not only are they liars but their delusional. Christians use the word “forgiven” without much knowledge on the laws of cause and effect cause if they “understood” this LAW of NATURE it would crush their theory on being “forgiven”. You can run with your theory though and if thats the case God may be up there with the most criminal mass murderers of all time because right before they died, they confessed their sins so now they up there in heaven too. LOL

          • I believe you. Dont let them pull you down to their level

          • the bible says test all things and hold to what is good. why do you think you feel the need to try so hard to disprove and I dont. The book is an aspect of it, and so is the history, but we believe because it works and we see results. even science says “i dont know” when it comes to medical miracles.

          • marty mcfly

            Keep betting your soul on what’s written in one book as if its pages can hold the information of the universe. Smh

          • keep making yourself look like an ignorant hater for trying to tear down people who have nothing to do with you. gotta do what works for you lmao

          • marty mcfly

            Im not trying to tear down anyone but if anybody wants to talk to me about the bible and black people? We can either keep pretending that one book has all the answers? Or we can deal with the truth behind that book, the history of it, the stories in it, the stolen and corrupted information in it, and how it’s been used to usurp and hypnotize the souls of a people that’s millenniums older then that book. You and others like you are still not mentally prepared for that conversation.

          • I get my information from the dead sea scrolls directly, but the bible speaks to me daily. Contact me when youre ready to listen and I can tell you what I know. Ive seen ghosts, angels, demons all of that. Like i said, it wont work if you dont believe. You have to silence your ego, and listen man. Not try to poke holes. Its about being smart enough to know you that you dont know.

          • marty mcfly

            Your speaking on the BIBLE so you better be willing to defend every word in that book with your LIFE. If your not? Your full of shit. Again is every single word in that book directly from God himself? It’s either yes or no, don’t give me the run around bullshit.

          • marty mcfly

            Some things people do know as being historical, scientific and theological FACT. If you don’t think that book has been studied over the years by people who weren’t trying to tear down nobody but just honestly told the truth that very significant portions of that book is just not true. Then your ignorant to allot of what’s in that book.

          • want another hint? A big part is realizing there are things you just wont know until you get out of here. thats where true humbleness comes into play. its called faith for a reason man. have a good night.

          • marty mcfly

            That was such a foolish answer it’s ridiculous. You basically just said you open your mouth to say things you can not prove and you know what kinda person does that? A fool

          • ohh, youre just dumb. i get it now. lol okay man, well good luck with that

          • lmao you mad bro? and if thats what you took from that you really need to learn how to read critically. women like stupid but not so stupid you cant comprehend basic sentence structure lol. you really think saying foolish a bunch of times makes you sound smart. you jus sound like a hater who really has no idea what hes talking about.

            ima pray for you man

          • marty mcfly

            Fool you think science itself is based on creation theories and saying I don’t know as the answer? Smh

          • the true issue is arrogance. it takes a humble spirit to see the string of random “coincidences” that got you here as more than that. Science will have you believe the world exploded perfectly and life evolved, but what explosion have you seen create things on earth? it takes awareness of self and respect of others to comprehend god. two things you seem to lack

          • marty mcfly

            You should take your own advice before assuming what I believe in regards to science. The arrogance you speak of comes from you not me.

          • people like you love to throw stones and hide your hand. regardless of what you believe, you`re clearly not humble enough to understand the concept of belief in a higher power. of course it doesnt work or make sense to you, you dont believe in it. duh. i could tell you how to get predictable results from belief in god, just like how scientists do with research, but it wont work with a mindset like yours.

          • marty mcfly

            Again talking like, an assumpting you know me well enough to say I throw stones and hide, am not humble and have no belief in a high power… Only let’s me know it’s really you that still haven’t learned enough from your own doctrine and belief system. Humble yourself and learn to talk to people respectfully before you have any conversation about spirituality that you still havent grasped yourself.

          • Did you not downplay the Bible, the book the faith I practice comes from? What I believe in doesnt tell me to attack others for what they believe or try to belittle it. The fact that you felt the need to is what I responded to. And now youre telling me to humble myself. Like i said, i could teach you, but you`re still in the mindset of proving things wrong. cant do anything with that, but if you want to know how to make the whole thing work, i can tell you.

            if not no biggie

          • marty mcfly

            Is the book directly from God? Or was it written by groups of men who all did not believe the same things, all had agendas and who studied mythologies, took pieces of other people’s beliefs systems, exaggerated or jusy all togethet made up multiple tales tgat are historically untrue and also used the book to stop the uprisings of slaves and prisoners of war? And did they knowingly do it with evil intent?

            Now if you ain’t man enough to defend every word in that book as being directly from God? And NOT from human men? Then yes you need to humble yourself.

          • Cant do anything with a mindset like that man. You`re too locked into proving things wrong. Keep trying to tell you it wont work as long as you see things that way. Im not here to get into a debate, Im here to save people and tell them how god can work in even the smallest of ways. Right now im on Hot 97s website and more because of this system. You`re too emotional for us to have any sort of constructive convo about faith, because you dont have any. I`ll give you a hint though. Faith is what you do in the face of doubt. When logic says one thing and God says another, will you fold or, believe? Looks like you already made your choice. Anyway gave it a shot. Back to the studio. New tunes on soundcloud slash doublen517!

          • marty mcfly

            Either prove as facts that every word in that book is backed up by historical varfiyable fact? Or your full of shit.

          • and like i said. Dont you find it odd that science gets a pass for saying Idk, but your whole argument is based on hows and whys? Humans are so interesting lol

          • marty mcfly

            If you think science is based on giving an I don’t know as the answer? You don’t know what the word science at its most basic level means. Have you ever spoke to a scientist? What are three of the most hated words in science? I don’t know…

            Anybody that uses those words in science are told to keep working until they know but you know what words bible thumpers like you hate? Prove it

          • you have got to be 15. ive never seen so many failed “if this” arguments in a row. science says the universe perfectly exploded for no reason then we evolved and adapted. but it doesnt explain why bears cant talk, or why monkeys dont have pistols. by sciences logic theyd evolve to better survive right? so why are we able to kill everything on the planet? hmm. it also acknowledges medical miracles. even the most hardened surgeon will till you things happen that defy logic. youd know that if you left your couch bruh bruh

          • marty mcfly

            No fool. See what you do is take ONE scientic theory and day that speaks for ALL science (like your religion). One most of the men who came up with those explanations of the universe were NOT SCIENTIST and they made those conclusions in a time where we barely even had technology and alot of people still thought the world was flat.

            SCIENCE means you MUST do experimentation and get the same result at least 90% of he time. THAT’S what true science is. Meaning if I say when a woman and man have sex they can produce a child? I better be able to prove that as a fact. If I cant, then it’s bullshit. That’s what science is.

            We can go back into historical writings and find as a fact the men wrote the BIBLE bible and many of then knew what they were writing was based on STORY, not in FACT.

          • marty mcfly

            At the end of the day if you wanna bet your soul on the words in that book then God help you lol. Nobody with any kinda knowledge would believe a supreme creator would ever write such a book. You call what I’m saying an attack? I say if a book is a lie? Then it’s a lie…

          • I will 100 percent bet my soul on what I believe in, and as we speak God is helping me in ways your mind couldnt believe. How do you know if the bible is a lie? You dont even have enough faith to use it lol. Anyway, back to the studio forreal. Good luck with whatever it is you believe, and hope it works for you

          • marty mcfly

            That argument is so weak it’s ridiculous. See you wanna talk “belief” and “faith” and you know why? Because you know your full of shit. Men that are ready enough to get their life on something? Don’t deal with “faith” and “belief”, the deal with facts.

            Now use some common sense? What are the chances of every word in that book coming from God and it all being facts? There’s not a chance in he’ll that would be the case and it’s your ego that won’t allow you to take your fucking head out of one book and realize the information in that book is the equivalent to one page in a fucking library. Doh

            What’s even worse is what if God did write that book? You have no idea how much bullshit exists in that book because you never bothered to read one on HISTORICAL FACTS

          • and as long as you try to apply limited human logic to something that deals with the eternal, youll never understand it.

            you also must be like 15. no grown man would be this bothered by someone else`s faith.

          • marty mcfly

            You have a human mother and father correct? They had sex and 9 months later your were born correct? Did I use limited logic to come to that conclusion? Or is that based on FACTS?

            Bottomline is some people are smart enough to use reality to reach conclusions that have been back up by a million facts. You are left with “belief” like a fool.

          • im also left with 35000 dollars on the way to me, and music spreading all over the world. ill take my chances on what i believe in. in 10 years ill check back and see where all this got you lmao

          • marty mcfly

            Spoken like a true fucking idiot. Shit got too real and now you wanna throw how much money you got like that helps. I got 40 grand too mothafucka but the difference between me and you is I know there’s a place where belief has to stop so that cold hard facts can be put on the table and that’s what you can’t deal with.

          • also im a college graduate who studied all of the worlds greatest religions. you assume i dont know historical facts because you are arrogant, and most likely have something that happened to you that made it hard to believe god exists. hope you get over that too.

          • marty mcfly

            If you studied all world religions then you know theirs writings are largely NOT based on HISTORICAL facts right? Then why are you defending the bible?

            Is the story of Noah based on 100 facts? Yes or no?

  • Ketchup sandwiches

    sounds like pusha in this

    • Angela Deane


    • That’s Big Brother Thornton.

      • Ketchup sandwiches

        i know that but he does normally sound like that

  • I’m knocking this shit all day. Fucking Dope !

    When big bro talks – you fucking listen.

  • Kevin Banks

    No Mal I get it, killuminati and all this skull and bones dead masonic shit ur brother knows wassup