New Music: Killa Kyleon x Jack Freeman “What Do You See”

what do you see


Outraged with the recent killings by police, Killa Kyleon shares the disheartening images on his new track featuring Jack Freeman. Open your eyes and listen up.

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  • el jim chapo guzman

    This cold blooded criminal broke the law, resisted arrest, and then attempted to reach for his gun to shoot these innocent police officers who were just trying to do their jobs.. He got exactly what he deserved.

    • Attention Seeking 101

      Troll harder!

      • AmbercHerring

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  • There was a time wen I thought Killa Kyleon was next to blow and then something happened. Idk Wat happened but he jus stopped puttin out music and visiuals so ppl beyond his city didn’t see him. Real talk after his verse on Kush and OJ he had crazy momentum and idk Wat happened. He still spits tho I jus wish he did more.