New Music: Joe Budden “Afraid” (Drake Diss)


Never Change

And we’re off. A few hours after Drake’s jab on “No Shopping”, Joe Budden returns fire over a sample of Drizzy’s “The Resistance”.

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  • dmc

    Drake stans in shambles looking for this sample

    • tha OG

      Drake is going to back to back him!

      • What kind of Drake stan wouldn’t recognize it tho?

        • dmc

          I’m mocking them obviously


          • radio raheem

            shows what hip hop expert you are dissing drake… look at the stats bro…. it hurts doesn’t it… just chill with the favorite shit and enjoy all good hip hop… simple

          • dmc

            I didn’t diss Drake….

            You find the sample yet?

          • radio raheem

            The sample from afraid ?



      • Bruh?

        Lol! It’d take Jesus himself to help Drake pen a better response. Pass what you’re smoking!

    • Just Asking?

      Joe said “it seems like you broke a promise to me.” What? Drake promised Joe he wouldn’t fuck his girl or something? What did Drake promise Joe?
      On 4 am Drake did say Joe only call when he need something or looking for his girl LOL

      • he fucked his ex. lets make some noise for drake loving sloppy seconds🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

        • Shock

          Naw Drake hit. Joe is the one that wifed up a known thot, took her on national tv on a reality show, then got arrested for beating the ho and stalking her.

      • Brian B.Dot™ Miller


      • Mapmakers

        I think thats a response to Drake saying he promised he would never change, The whole song is about Drake acting different *Shrug …but who cares

    • radio raheem

      shambles lmfaooo but nobody changing the channel

      • Anna Hickson

        <<o. ✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤:::::::!ja369s:….,…..

  • Black Jesus

    I’m a fan of Joey but this shit is trash smh come on Budden this not gonna burry drake man

    • el jim chapo guzman

      cause you don’t understand the lyrics.

    • EricHiesenberg

      It isn’t burying anyone

  • 476231

    Joe had this in the cut.


      Shit was in the chamber ready to let off….

      • 476231

        And it was like shooting someone wearing a vest, the bullet hitting the vest, and the bullet just falling to the ground.

        • more like shooting someone when noone is around and everyone not seeing it on the news.

          budden 3-0 now but CNN aint covering it

          • 476231


        • PREMERE

          That was a head shot fam…..

          • 476231


          • PREMERE

            You must be a hard core drake fan. Shit was a body my g…….

  • The Incredible Creation

    bruh.. needed more bars and less instrumentation at the end..

  • kevlar kohleone

    joey 3-0

  • 340

    The best thing for Drake to do is not awnser but if he don’t this could fuck up his legacy as a Hip Hop artist.

  • ilexx

    My word. The sample is ether alone.

    But bars vs bars.

    Budden 3: Drake 0.

    I know Drake only had a small verse but the verse was one of the worst Drake verses in awhile.

    • How is the sample Ether?

      • ilexx

        It’s how he flipped it. The way he ended the song….. “You asked the question, I’ll answer it for you…..” What should I be afraid of? 🎵

        Do I need to say…. He should be afraid of him?

        I really liked how he did it.


        FK YO FEELINGS!!!


    Listen here joe budden vs drake is a no contest joe wins every time not only because he got waayyyyy more barz than drake and hes a real hiphop artist but even if joe budden came with weak shit and just gave us some crap he would still be better because he WRITES HIS OWN SHIT!!

  • Carl Vegas

    I heard a new Logic song on the radio today, and he sounded like a Team Jordan Drake. Said that to say, Drake wins no matter if Joe comes with an Either on steroids.Real hip hop heads will respect it and Rich Homie Quan hip hop heads will declare Drake wins. Unfortunately, real hip-hop heads are significantlying out numbered

  • Michael Ib bett

    At first it gave me the canibus dissing eminem as Stan vibe….then I realized that this is just the way bis.. should have… handled that type of “from a fan perspective” diss

  • Ferris Bueller



    Not even a fair fight

  • this ain’t meek dawg

  • Cat In My Hood

    If Budden doesn’t hammer home the fact that Drake’s hits are written by ghosts, then Joey has failed to deliver on the intended consequence of this battle. AND instead given Drake a way out from under the ill-effects of his battle with Meek.

    Thus, rendering himself not just useless, but harmful to the hip hop cause.

    • Megamind

      Cat’s won’t understand that! LOL
      They will call you a Drake stan!

      At this point there is NOTHING can do to penetrate Drake’s armor.
      To the people this matters to…they don’t buy records…and to Drake’s fans, they don’t care….

      So this is a WIN/WIN for Drizzy!


      • Cat In My Hood

        “To the people this matters to…they don’t buy records…and to Drake’s fans, they don’t care.”

        I couldn’t agree more with this. The audience has to want to hear from you. And so many people miss that component. I think this would’ve been better suited to a young prominent MC with a decent following that can also use the greater exposure and controversy. There are a couple of rappers out there who though not as big as Drake are loved by the same crowds more or less, lyrically competent enough and probably couldn’t be hurt by a Drake diss but could only gain from a brush with Drake.

        Joe benefits from this (though not to the same degree). He hasn’t delivered a hit song. If he delivers a diss song that is also a hit that is premised on the fact that Drake doesn’t write, then he has served his purpose to the degree that he (Joe) can. Anything other than that, and he’s failing to maximize the opportunity for what it is.

        I feel like Tyler the Creator would’ve been the perfect dude to go at Drake – not because he’s a lyrical behemoth but because his persona can’t be damaged by a brush with Drake.

  • Kris Kompute

    No need for Drake to respond anymore. Let budden keep talking to himself. Only going to damage his brand.

  • Woo Hah!!

    If you’re a Drake fan, and call yourself a man, go kill yourself.

  • M.A.T.

    First, let’s just call a spade a spade. Joe is only doing this for attention. Period. They say there’s so such thing as bad publicity. However, since this is basically a popularity contest, I honestly just don’t see how he comes out on top other than making some extra money that he wasn’t making before. Considering how well Joe can rap; he can’t make a song to save his life. Like the first two diss songs were way too long winded and not memorable. I’m sorry they just weren’t. He has a bad habit of wanting to rap for like 6 minutes straight and begins to repeat himself.

    Also, is it just me or did sampling Drake for the hook only point out the fact that Joe can’t make a chorus? Like seriously, this song is actually better than the previous two because he sampled Drake.

    And if anyone wants to respond in defense of Joe, I’m not a Drake fan. I just think the whole thing is kind of weak. Like if you think you’re a better rapper than Drake, then go and make better music than him. Don’t make a shit ton of songs dedicated to guy and try to get fame off of their name. There used to be a time when people actually had real beef with someone and then it went to wax. Now rappers just make diss records for attention.

    • Mogul101

      I think you forgot the part that there’s a difference between being a rapper and being an Entertainer. Joe didn’t start this “beef” all he simply did was (as a fan of Drake’s) critique his album. Drake got in his feelings and made a subliminal dias track to him on 4pm in Calabasas, and made his verse on The French Montana track. Joey was privy to this info and made diss tracks in response to the dude who was upset that had an opinion on the direction of the album that just came out. It just so happened that the French track just got released but it was made way before Joe went in the booth and recorded any of his tracks. Now people are quick to say Joe wanted attention. Apparently he didn’t if Drake had these already recorded prior too. Drake makes better pop songs but that definitely doesn’t make him a better rapper. It’s not attention on Joe’s part, it’s a you’re not gonna do to me what you did to Meek preemptive strike. He let Drake and all of the casual and hardcore rap fans know that he does this (relevance or not) he still lethal with the pen.

      • M.A.T.

        I don’t know, he’s came out with 3 songs. What more does he want to say? I just think the premises behind it all is dumb.

  • marty mcfly

    The first two songs I was like why? Joe battling Drake? That seemed like a waste of bars at a nigga who likely gives no fucks but this song is actually pretty DOPE.

    • ilexx

      At least you can say that because I know you were extremely vocal about your disdain for the other ones.

      This one has a Drake-y vibe to it, his fans should like it if they can get past the hate.

      • marty mcfly

        It wasn’t disdain, I just didn’t think those songs were that hard. As far as I’m concerned Drake could say fine Joe, your the better lyrical miracle rapper, congrats. Makes no difference really, Drake never made music that suggested he was trying to be in that lane.

        • Guest

          “lyrical miracle rapper” though? That’s even more insulting. That’ll go over well.

          • marty mcfly

            The point is there’s a saying “pick your battles”, Drake can either entertain Joe or move on…

    • Apontay


  • ♔Gяêên Rångêя♔


  • CmonMan

    Can you all please go and listen to Joe Buddens podcast where he explains everything. From why hes doing it, attention, bars, etc. tired of u stupid fucks just saying shit cuz u don’t know shit

    • KILLA

      Nigga I am an avid I’ll Name This Podcast listener and point blank period nigga is doing this because he wants ATTENTION. Stupid niggas like you are just too gullible and will listen to whatever shit a nigga tells you without making your own assessment of a situation. Joe reviewed his album had some issues with it and the direction Drake was taken then all of a sudden became so obsessed you heard a song and think he’s talking about you? So you then make 3 diss songs. Mind you that have all been bigger than any song he’s put out because niggas ain’t listening to it for you it’s for Drake. Joe Budden need to hold another L, cause the first one Lil B gave him with T-Shirt & Buddens, not to mention him not wanting no problems with Ransom when he ran down on Joe and his people. Can Joe Budden rap yes, he can but trying to gain a buzz off another nigga will NEVER be respected in my eyes.

      • Bruh?

        – Somebody with a a personal vendetta against Joe and an obsession with “One Dance”

        Bet you get all of your dresses at Ross! Lol.


          FK YO FEELINGS!!!

  • Nickey38

    This joint is fire. That production is crazy. Joe making me into a fan.




      Def not…..

    • NYComicBookGuy

      Not at all!

  • el jim chapo guzman

    What sucks is that those that can’t keep along and understand the lyrics that are just crazy jabs at Drake, will say the song sucks and is boring because of it. They rather hear those basic lines that diss the person. With Budden, his disses are brutal but you have to understand them and people are too stupid to do that so they label Budden as ass.

    • Savimbi

      One of the few times I can agree w/ your bitch ass!!!!! faggot!!!!

      • el jim chapo guzman

        Let’s go get some donuts my nigga.


          FK YO FEELINGS!!!

        • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

        • Savimbi


  • Lpjay

    Idk who’s winning the “battle” cuz this isn’t even a battle to me but…that Pusha T line was DOPE. lol.

  • EricHiesenberg

    Lyrics, but it won’t matter Joey roasted




    Joe bodied drake 2 songs ago, this aint meek mills……..

  • Joe has calculated this down to the letter. Drake needs to leave that man alone. This is not Meek lol


    I remember when Jay roasted Joey with the Pump It Up remix. Hov poured lava all over Joey.

    • Bryan Ellis

      Jay lost that… he wanted NO PARTS of Joe…


        You must be smoking crack.

        • chitlin coon

          he def smoking that whitney.

        • Savimbi

          He smoking bath salts!!!

  • Considering the war in the streets right now this “beef” just seems basic and misplaced.


    joey needs a new engineer dope trak though

    • NYComicBookGuy

      LMAO! I was thinking the same thing! Song is fire but this mix needs WORK!

  • **Bang, Bang, Bang** #Dead

  • Mogul101

    I’m a fan of both these dudes but Joe as a music fan and an apparent fan of Drake gave his honest opinion on Drake’s latest album, Drake was in his feelings, made two diss tracks (4pm in Calabasas and the verse for French Montana’s song) how was privy of this info and went into the booth and lyrically chastised Drake. He made sure he didn’t get the Meek Mill syndrome and people have the nerve to say how did it for attention. The fact the verse came out with Drake dissing joe shows you that Joey wasn’t bugging for coming at homie. Now I know it’s gonna fall on deaf ears (the 3 diss tracks) but the real ones will know that Joey held his own and didn’t get Meeked by the more popular and relevant artist.

  • jizzle

    Are we really entertaining this “one-sided” battle????? Soo much other good music out here…IM DONE.

  • radio raheem

    joe not playing… drizzy need to start putting effort and stop joking… this sample and song was graffiti

  • IM730

    If he did those bars on a lessdistracting beat mannnnnnn shit would be dope..

    • Savimbi

      Take Drake’s dick out your mouth!!!!

  • BK


  • Damon Jaafar