New Music: Joe Budden “Just Because”

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A Whole Lot Of Love

With the 6 God still on his mind, Joe Budden stays on track with the raps with his latest series of subs.

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  • Apontay

    Keep swinging

  • DoughBoyToad

    Drake won’t Respond because Views is a classic and Views is better than TPAB

    • TrueEditorial

      neither got shit on Blank Face. lol. FUck outta here with this bullshit.. dot trickin black people and Drake trickin white women. Those are the two role models in hip hop. No thanks Ill just take my 90s sounding real vibe that SBQ somewhat presents over the rubbish that Dot raps over and the nothing that Drake says.

      • DoughBoyToad

        Drake > Your Fave

  • quetzalstar

    Go joey…..someone gotta do it

  • Accounts

    “Shut the fuck up with those depressing ass songs
    It’s the summer time you need to get you some pussy and go home”

    “Pump it up, you’re a queer”

    -lil b ethered this nigga funniest diss I’ve ever heard

    • Lil Young

      Damn, Lil B is such a genius. Wow, he’s calling Joe a queer. I’m Gay is my favorite album!

      • Marvelous


  • Savimbi

    That beAt is serious!!! This is hip-hop!!!! 6 Fraud!!!

  • Hiphopbeatsis aREALTHREAT

    DOPESHIT, this is serious.

  • TrueEditorial

    Cool man.. Learn to fucking enunciate. Your whole career you never popped off because you sound annoying as fuck dragging your voice over beats. When you enunciate people dig your shit.(hammer dance/whatever your song from the early 2000s was)

    When you rap like this it sound lazy and then you wasting ammo on Drake because when you lose this due to you sounding uninspired like you do your whole career the next mother fucker ain’t gonna take serious shots because you so badly messed this up.

    How is drake still winnin and he only had like one verse? Buddens the fuck man. Jesus I had to turn off the sound 30-40 seconds in because it sounds like your whining and crying on the nice beat selection. Pay attention this right here is an example of what you have done your whole career and why your pop shit is the only shit to pop off.

    • lambo

      U lame

    • Kris Kompute

      I agree. Beat slaps. Couldn’t understand shot tho.

  • el jim chapo guzman

    god damn this song lit… drake better stay away from joe.

  • 476231

    This is an obsession now.

  • EricHiesenberg

    Drake should get Raekwon on a track. Joey done

    • bethpcarlson2

      <<o. ★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★:::::::!be376p:….,…..



  • Jay

    Yup drake better start writing a comback joe prepared

  • FACTS!!!


    • radio raheem

      nothing he dropped was better than 4pm… scratch the arguments I give no shits

      • brooks_paula

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  • Peter Kushing


  • Mike Diggity

    I thought Drake was looking for reveeeeeeeeeeeenge, all summer 16? Where’s the revenge drake? Where?

    • Mike Diggity

      Budden Wins!

    • a psychic told me

      revenge for what? being an obsessed stalker?

      • Mike Diggity

        Drake has a bully on his hands. What should we do to a bully? Knock his ass out! Budden wins! 🙂

    • radio raheem

      the mixtape coming relax ya tits

  • T

    Joe can build a whole new penitentiary with all these bars….lol

  • thedeamkid19

    fuck drake

  • Noneyabiz

    dissed Joe on record first. Number 2: Drake called Joe out in front of 30,000 people in Dallas and then dropped this song. Therefore, anyone saying Joe is looking for attention is either a Drake dickrider or delusional. Sorry fuckboys…quit being apologists for Drake.

  • Reggie Bo

    this was the best diss out of the 4 but drake will never reply..Buddens a joke to him

  • $₱₳ṝ₭≳.

    This is FIRE, but that snare needs a little more dirt on it …..!!!!!! 8.5/10
    I think drake gone give this guy a club anthem to shut him up… Joe not landing anything with these he needs them “Mood Music” beats … good hip hop but nothing STRONG!!!!!!!!!

    • radio raheem

      someone finally being honest in the mist of the hype… thank you

  • 476231

    Mickey Facts just dropped a diss @ Joe.

    It’s on Vladtv.

  • Public Hairs

    Caption shouldve read “As the 6 God continues trying to avoid Budden’s onslaught”

  • radio raheem

    all ya fake ass joe budden fans and drake haters wasn’t jacking joe
    before he targeted drake…. ya some hype ass fake niggas for real…
    old comments and articles goes to show… corny ass no hip hop knowledge
    ass niggas… I laugh at ya… which one of ya played pump it up and
    had it on repeat this summer ? ill wait bombs away goofy ass niggas…

    • BlackCrown216

      Ive been fukin with Joe since Dear Angie on Street sweepers… I feel you.

      They dont even know the work he’s out in lyrically. He coulda helped out with all their relationships before drake took the concept…..

      • radio raheem

        I salute you… joe real no doubt… that song with him and banks and fab remember the titans I think it was… they all ripped that ima play it now matter fact