Rick Ross ‘Port Of Miami’ Anniversary Concert

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Miami Nights

Rick Ross celebrated the 10th anniversary of this debut Port Of Miami last night cross from an the actual Port of Miami. He performed the album in its entirety and brought out Trick Daddy, Trina, Wale, Meek Mill, and Tory Lanez to cap off the night. IF you couldn’t watch the concert stream on TIDAL, here’s what you missed.

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  • Dev

    LEGENDARY!!! Pen game been on another level!!

    • el jim chapo guzman

      Lol funny ass niggas


    Shit looked dead in there. Where was Jay, puffy, french and the rest of his industry pals? Jeezy the only big name that came thru.

    LOL @ Torey Lanez being there. Officer Ricky stuck with the poor man’s Drake now thanks to Rahmeek

    • LuckyP

      you were told your invite was in the mail huh?
      sad sappy ass mfka



    • el jim chapo guzman

      Fake ass gangstas

      • el guapo

        Shut yo fagget ass up huh

      • Room 222

        Glad to know you watched and enjoyed the show.

        • el jim chapo guzman

          I didn’t watch it

    • MMG Pleather

      When 50s CLASSIC debut album celebrated it’s 10th anniversary 3 years ago it was actually a big deal. I noticed Most hiphop sites ain’t covering this struggle shit at all!!!

      • Room 222

        [Don’t forget the gas can, jealous stupid motherfucker]

    • Mikey Markidis Moms Hold Dis L

      50 sold tens of millions. it took this cop 10 fucking years to get his first platinum album and it only happened cause of streams/the label buying them up for the anniversary.

      think about this, his career best selling album sold as much as tony yayos!

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Anybody that support these clowns is a fool… This fat ass nigga is responsible for the downfall of Miami rap music. This nigga career come to an end, it’s only so long fake thugs can pretend.

    • Wack 97

      He been pretending for soooooooo long though

      • el jim chapo guzman

        And it makes me SICK.

    • Lucky

      Yep MMG and GUnit both fell off spic!

      • el jim chapo guzman

        MMG fell off

        • Room 222

          *Don’t forget the gas can*

    • Room 222

      The Donkey and his crew have been dead and buried.

      What the fuck are you talking about, Fran├žois?

      • el jim chapo guzman

        Yeah you right” they been dead since port of Miami

  • MMG Pleather

    Weezy wasn’t even showing up for this snoozefest

    • Lucky

      He we was out here defending Weezy like the top flight security that he is!

  • once a fraud always a fraud.

    Look at the screen cap up top and then look at the videos. Hahaha sucking in his flabby gut for the cameras!

  • Room 222

    Great show by Rozay yesterday.

  • Lucky

    Ross and MMG been finished. Possibly the wackest record label roster in hip hop!!!

  • RGeezy

    His chain looks like a badge

  • DJ SloWdowN