New Music: Skylar Grey x Eminem “Kill For You


A Believer

Channeling Bonnie & Clyde, Skylar Grey and Marshall Mathers ride or die one on their new collaboration. Skylar Grey’s album Natural Causes drops at midnight.

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  • Em fan

    Still get goosebumps when i hear new verse from Em

    • 476231


      • IwontheThottery

        deadaassss, right? who are these people lying for the dude…his music nowadays is as bad as yelawolfs and just as intolerable..

        • Shittytittie

          come on man listen and watch the new video daylight by yelawolf amazing — the hook

    • Starlion


  • This guy doesn’t know any other delivery other than the angry one. How is this supposed to be the best rapper? Y’all need to FOH man.

    • MrSkeezyMak

      Wasnt even angry, he was pretty chill. If you hate Em, its cool.

      • “hate” huh? Oh the mental gymnastics.

      • themindofdre

        I used to love Em, but it’s true. His flow isn’t what it used to be and his delivery is pretty one note nowadays.

    • Stewart McPC


    • Eric Andre

      you high af . . .

    • Eric Andre

      all Jay Z know is the “nonchalant delivery”

      and Drake always does the “monotone delivery”

      • Comments so trash you’ve got to like them yourself.

    • IwontheThottery

      bruh, they just keep calling him the best rapper cuz they wnna make it impossible for any more whites to come and take over hip hop, and honestly i dont blame em…eminem is an embarrassment now imo..

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Skylar grey has a Beautiful voice and she has a lot of potential, she needs to step outta em’s shadow if she wanna blow.

  • dmc

    It’s official, Em is wack

    • IwontheThottery

      been that way since he released mmlp 2 with no singles in rotation except rap god, and that was so overrated, i dont care how many bars he spit in how many seconds..

  • 476231


  • dizlar

    Eminems verse starts at 3:22 and it’s wack this kind of fuckery makes me mad that lyricists like Shawty Lo were taken way ahead of there time😔😔😔

    • Eric Andre


  • Kris Kompute

    How the fuck 2DBZ beat y’all to an Eminem song?

    • IwontheThottery

      bro, eminem should just go away forever..hes so bad now, its like listening to nails on a chalkboard considering he used to be so fucking dope…now his shit is garbage simply because he got off drugs..skylar grey?? bringing this bullshit back from the recovery days…? like we havent had enough of that horseshit…rihanna woulda worked better simply because she would have actually made a good song with decent vocals, compared to this chain smoker…

      • Kris Kompute

        I didn’t ask that nor do I care about your opinion. Fuck off.

        • IwontheThottery

          – eminem’s personal disqus account…^, youre bitter cuz your manager owns this site right? aww even paul care more about action bronson, he looking into the future man, he dont care about your washed up ass..

  • Mina Smith

    “bright i will lie for you bright i will fight for you” snipet from bright eminem and skyler meth sellers

    • Mina Smith

      60 million avatar on face book cant be wrong

  • Master Splinter

    not bad

  • SMH

    2016 Em is still lyrical but I am definitely tired of the YELLING! Go back to the MMLP days when you were articulate and concise without all of yelling. Shit is unbearable.

    • IwontheThottery

      the yelling is to confuse the youth into thinking that its actually good music…lmao once the dudes get off the drugs they lose all the juice…just look at gucci , no one care about him about a couple months after he been out, now everybody just roast his new teeth and his fake new act/look…same shit with eminem, relapse was his last decent album..

      • Skrrt Russell

        “Relapse” had some great records. But in all seriousness, once he started with the yelling I was done with his music as well. “Best Friend” with Yelawolf is about the only record besides “Rap God” that I have listened to of his in the last 5 years or so.

        • IwontheThottery

          bad guy was incredible, and the first track of the mmlp 2, and it all went straight bad after that..


    LYRICAL!!!You motherfuckers have no clue!Your used to every song being a “Turn up” track!This has subject matter,something you clowns are not used to.EM is not a party MC!!!You talk about yelling on tracks but staaayyyyyy on your knees for Weak Mill????All that L does is YELL!!Clowns on here…For real!EM+Mic=GOAT!!!!LMAOAUC!!!

    • IwontheThottery

      who fucks with meek anyways nowadays? dude none of his shit is on the radio except if its that old song with nicki that they keep bringing back from the dead..

  • Starlion

    EM should just retire. it’s embarrassing