• el jim chapo guzman

    That was Real Hip hop at it’s finest.

    • Room 222

      … at ITS finest. Not IT’S finest. No apostrophe here, Vladimir.

      ♧Don’t forget the gas can♧

      • el jim chapo guzman

        Thank you faggot

        • Room 222

          You like faggots. Why?

  • Scromes1212

    First time I heard it. This joint nice.

    • lucille_williams_94

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  • Qaadiru Rashaad


  • Vision NDNS

    very dope

  • Cuzzo

    Really cool to Hear Finesse & Diamond D. I waitin’ for the anchor verse from OC, tho.

  • #DITC

  • Effen

    dope real hip hop

    • Alinekgaray3

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    Fat joe bodied this shit…….


    Motherfuckers know who’s the best
    If it ain’t Fat Joe then it must be Lord Finesse
    Think not, then show what you got
    But don’t grab this mic, the shit’s too hot
    I’m the born killer, nigga from the Bronx
    Rappers talk shit but there’s really no comp
    Bring it on if you think you can hang
    And if not then let me do my thing…….

    You simps dont know bout this shit right here, real hip hop you had to be nice and write your own shit to get respect…….

  • Miss.S

    dammmmmn, i be forgettin Joe can spit… shiiiit that fool was goin off