• Kevknows

    Shout out to Solange.

  • Dakfreshcutt

    Crazy thing is, Drake’s consign of the album helped with the streams.. Smh! Drake wins again. Drake is having the longest hiphop winning streak of all time, no??



    • Savimbi

      Drake got you open!!!!

    • Dark Knight

      Nahh, that would be Jay and Wayne

  • Kris Kompute

    About time those genes worked in her favor musically. Good work Tito!

    • donna_hicks

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  • Scromes1212

    I like she got Master P on there talking that talk. Salute the young queen

  • heez

    Up until this point I thought that we had to put up with her as a sacrifice for Beyonce’s greatness similar to how we pretend the Smith kids are talented but she did her thing on this album

  • KingNelson

    Damn good album

  • Effen

    Congrats, great album


    This chick is talented, she missed her shot and was overshadowed by beyonce…..

  • Dark Knight

    The track with Lil Wayne was the best song and the best Wayne verses in a minute