Beanie Sigel On The Breakfast Club


Mack Attack

In the midst of the ongoing beef between Meek Mill and Beanie Sigel, Beans cleared the air on The Breakfast Club. Throughout the conversation, things get intense between Charlamagne and Beans regarding credibility in the streets and industry.

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  • SMH

    Not a good look for Beanie Sigel. He looking crazy out here.

    • jean.powell.1993

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  • 476231

    The irony in Meek and Omelly using lines that they didn’t write. It’s getting spooky.

  • The Haters Advocate



  • Santigo

    This is sad! Beans is that guy…if you’re a fan of Real Hip Hop, you know he’s 1 of the nicest to ever do it. BUT, this shit is corny & he’s making a fool of himself. #1…He should’ve never gotten himself involved with Meek’s shit…#2…Meek isn’t close to being on the level of Beans, so why is Beans wasting his time dissing a guy that would’ve been nothing but a weed carrier if he would’ve tried to rap in the 90s. He’s making himself look bad for no reason

    • Brian B.Dot™ Miller

      yeah, i don’t like this

    • Neighborhood Soup..

      word b.. This might really be his last hoorah and he’s letting his legacy go to shit dabbling in this nonsense

  • Apontay

    lol charlamagne face tho at the end made this whole interview





  • Sonic Tranny Pants

    I’m delusional. But y’all already know this! About to start a website with my boyfriend Dustin “Lil Donkey Vert” Taylor and post nothing but Ru Paul and Young Thug articles!

  • HipHopIsDead888

    Beans just setting the record straight.

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Beans is right Charlamagne ain’t qualify to be calling nobody a hater, I thought the broad street bully was gonna punch him in the face.



    • Room 222

      … ain’t QUALIFIED. Not ain’t QUALIFY. Damn, Vladimir.


      • 476231

        His name is Pancho.

        • el jim chapo guzman

          batty boy

      • el jim chapo guzman

        Phone input errors



  • KingNelson

    Somebody lying though… all these niggas can’t be telling the truth

  • Gordon Specter

    This is no bueno, Mr. Beanie Siegel. Shouldn’t have got involved in the first place. Really uncalled for.

  • Scromes1212

    Glad beans is back making music but I wish it didn’t take this for it to happen. He one of the Gods, leave this alone Beans.

  • Anthony

    I don’t know what interview y’all was watching but Charlemagne put a mirror up to Beans and it was hard for him to look at. “Why not?, I like seeing growth you stay the same person you look corny”

    • marty mcfly

      And Beans called him a coward and a bitch and he aint do shit. I think Charlemagne was wrong for coming at Beans implying that he was corny. If you don’t like something about someone but you talking to a grown man sitting right next to you, it be better to put some respect on the conversation rather then to talk like you want some kinda problem. Beans got dropped about a week back so its no need to egg him on now like he’s some kinda sucka now. Let him take his L and keep it moving but don’t talk to him like you kickin him while he’s down. That aint cool. Beans did what he was supposed to do and called him a bitch.

      • Simon Phoenix

        Getting sucker punched isn’t taking an “L” it’s being sucker punched, period. That shit was effed up. What Sigel does following the incident is all on him. But to say that he took an “L” is a far cry.

        • marty mcfly

          Its taking an L imo. Yes anybody who sucka punches somebody else is a sucka themselves so I agree with that but if you get sucka punched, it means your not paying close enough attention to your surroundings so in that sense. Its an L. Beanie Sigel already said he will not retaliate so in that sense its also a L.

          Here’s where I’d say Beans is being an adult in the situation… For someone like Beans who considers themselves a gangsta? For him to be knocked down physically, get up and say ok you got that but I aint gonna escalate the situation further? That is a sign of somebody who is trying to change their ways as a gangsta. So for that I’d give him props but he knows he took an L. Him being willing to accept that without retaliating is a sign of maturity imo.

          • Negrodamus

            You sound like a sucka.

          • marty mcfly

            So what? You taking what someone sounds like as a determinative on whether they a sucka makes you sound like one. I know one thing, a nigga like Charlamagne who talks reckless all the time but then when a nigga calls him a bitch and he puts this dumb look on his face like he don’t know why? Thats some sucka shit.

      • Anthony

        When Somebody calls you a bitch and a coward because they are irritated and emotional, please don’t think you have to prove yourself fam. Them letting air out of their tire does not affect how you move.

        • marty mcfly

          Thats your opinion. If a man calls you a bitch and a coward right in your face and wanna let it go? Thats on you. Some can let it ride, others would say cool put your fucking hands up, enough talking…

          • Anthony

            I think you may be investing too much of your energy arguing for a “Rap Character” that you don’t even know shit Beans can’t even identify his true self, he kept saying “Mack” woulda did this “Beans” would do that. He’s in his 40’s and has a identity crisis. He is not a mythical street legend that you have to speak to differently because he can get street on you.

          • marty mcfly

            Ok well we can agree Beans is a man right? When you talk to another man you talk with a level of respect correct? Thats not what Charlamagne is doing, he’s talking shit in a slick kinda way and then putting a stupid look on his face when Beans talks back. Now maybe you think Beans is a bitch ass nigga that you can just punk in the streets? My questions is if you talk sideways to Beans and then he checks you, who’s fault is that? Beans or yours?

            Fuck being gangsta, as a man you don’t talk to another man with any sign of disrespect. Thats not what men do.

            As far as him saying theirs Beanie Sigel and then there’s Mack? There’s context to that statement the you didn’t understand.

          • Anthony

            Yes we can agree that Beans is a man, however it seems Beans is only concerned with his street persona and ego that comes along with the rep he is trying to hold onto. He’s seems like a guy who is afraid to embrace change and move differently because if he does he feels like nobody will “rock” with him, that what he said watch the interview fam that’s what stuck out most to me.

          • Anthony

            For the record I followed Beans work since the Cosmic Kev best of Beans mixtape. This isn’t coming from a teenage weirdo lmao

          • marty mcfly

            If you been listening to Beans so long you would know, he always rapped about in a way that was more then just senseless gangsta shit. That in itself is proof that he’s not just rapping about what it means to be gangsta, his raps are about what it means to be a man.

          • Anthony

            “I try to teach niggaz how to be Kings and all they ever wanted to be was soldiers”..

          • marty mcfly

            Understand a “king” in this age we live in is a conceptual title. Most people are not “kings” and can never be in this world because we don’t live in a time of kings anymore. “King” implies one has control over others as well as other things. In todays world thats not as easy as it was to do when you could threaten people to either follow your commands or die. Thats what “kings” used to do.

          • marty mcfly

            You have to know a “soldier” to understand why he’s that way. If a man is skilled at being a “soldier”? then of course he’s not gonna wanna be a “king”. Its like asking a general in the military if he wants to be a president? The answer is likely no because he’s not built for an office room. He’s built for a battlefield.

          • Anthony

            “Beans I ain’t tryna change you, just give you some game, to make the transition from the streets..”

          • marty mcfly

            He did that, thats why he has an established name in Hip Hop.

          • Anthony

            “Beans will tell you too, if he wasn’t in his FEELINGS”…

          • marty mcfly

            At the end of the day if you wanna check a gangsta as a man? Put up your fists and fight then because by calling him corny, a hater, an opportunist, a thief and a bunch of other things… What do you think your asking for?

          • Anthony

            40+yr old gangsta?? Running around screaming “gang gang” with toy guns trying to hold onto his “rep”? Jumping into rap scuffles with a kid from his city? On the radio “checking” Charlemagne because he was challenging his manhood? It’s not respectable the way he’s moving he looks stupid the blueprint for what not to do. Beans is stuck if he was the truth he shouldn’t seek out validation. He’s an insecure individual who continues to invest too much into his past.

          • marty mcfly

            Yes, any man that feels disrespected is likely to “check” you. Thats not like a new concept. You say its not respectable how he moves but he likely has more respect then most people so you gotta see it from his perspective. Every time he walks outside its likely that multiple people say they respect him. I don’t think he’s seeking validation, I think Charlamagne was talking like he’s suggesting he thinks Beanie Sigel is a fake nigga so Beans called him a bitch.

          • marty mcfly

            Beanie Sigel said multiple times in different ways that he did not like they way Charlamagne was talking to him. Charlamagne kept going. Now in a “gangsta” mind (and alot of men’s mind) by him continuing to talk down to Beans after he was warned to stop. What Charlamagen is doing is asking for a violent outcome so thats what Beans started to initiate based upon what Charlamagne was doing.

          • Anthony

            I’m finished typing about Beans, it’s been real fam. “It’s only Entertainment”

          • marty mcfly

            The bottom line is this, when you disrespect a MAN? He’s likely to disrespect you back. Its that cut and dry.

          • marty mcfly

            Maybe he’s concerned with his manhood being challenged. Yes he’s standing up on the fact that he’s a gangsta but before he’s a gangsta he’s a man and Charlamagne by challenging him on being a gangsta is imo challenging him on being a man.

          • marty mcfly

            Maybe Beans is a “rap character” and not who he says he is on record. My question is why would you wanna test him on that? Why would you talk down to him in his face and expect him to just sit there and not say shit? That don’t make no sense. If there is a chance that Beans is actually who he says he is? Why would you put yourself in a position to find out the hard way by talking out the side of your mouth?

        • marty mcfly

          Its the way Charlamagne talks. He’s up their calling Sigel corny in some kinda passive aggressive way but still imo he’s talking like he wants a problem.


    So beans stance is you’re not a street nigga so you can’t have an opinion on what’s very apparent. You can’t mad at a man for asking you a question about something you said

  • Zorino

    This mess is based on hearsay and second-hand info.

    The main culprit is Sean Kingston. Maybe he didn’t do it intentionally but he’s the root of this mess.

    The Game is also another culprit. Dude is old enough to be Meek’s and Sean’s uncle. He could’ve handled this situation like a the 40-year old man he’s about to be.

    Beanie Siegel??? Well, this 40-year old guy shouldn’t have jumped on that Meek/Omelly diss track to begin with. He reminds me of that time THEE Suge Knight was knocked off by the barber guy. Beanie Siegel is tarnishing his “image”.

  • EricHiesenberg

    Legends don’t go on radio waves justifying

  • Been watching this off and on all day at wrk and I gotta say Chatlamagne handled himself accordingly. Do people really expect a fight on the air? Cmon now. And honestly Beans did look like a dude just stuck in his ways. I listened to the Taxstone podcasts wit Beans and got motivated. I watched his interview on here and just didn’t feel it was worth my time. Answer the questions about being real vs being street. Why use prop guns and think it’s cool but get mad when kids wear tight clothes and dye they hair. If he woulda answers them questions instead of tryin to link Charlamagne It would’ve made sense. Looking forward to the Oschino and Peedi interview tomorrow.

    • marty mcfly

      Charlamagne asked him a question about being real vs being street? Now what if Charlamagne didn’t like the answer? What if Sigel said I think they way you talking to me is disrespectful so now we have a problem? What Charlamagne was doing was lightweight flexing on Beans by challenging him on what it means to be “real” and “street”? Why would you talk like that to Beanie Sigel when the nigga already documented his life in music already? You know whats up with him already. Imo thats that bullshit. Its like a nigga trying to talk tough but not all the way but in a way like he trying to test you. Imo Charlamagne was tryna diss Sigel and that to me is reason enough for Beans to snap on him.

      • Ray7866

        which is fine but Charlemagne’s job is to poke people again and again and get certain responses out of them…. Beanie Mack maybe thorough in all boroughs but he ain’t fully emotionally mature and outside his street ways himself, no matter how much he wants you to think he is because his sucker move is feeling hurt by trying to answer Charlemagne’s questions, like why the fuck would you feel hurt, UNLESS OFCOURSE you have insecurities about your character, in which case you’re a fucking chump and need to rehab yourself emotionally….i mean Charlemagne does this shit to every fucking guest, Beans is no different, he just responded weirdly instead of being mature about different between street cats and real cats…. like if he from the streets that don’t make him 10 times as special as a Kanye, so why the anger on display? Charlemagne is super easy to take down and he did that by using couple of his fuckboy moments against him, but Charlemagne does recognize fuckboy shit from your character and Beans did exactly what he shouldn’t have done near the end.

        • marty mcfly

          Poke Beanie Sigel though? Honestly do you believe thats a good decision. If you do then fine but I don’t see how thats not putting yourself in a potentially bad position, especially sitting right in front of the nigga. This nigga made a bunch of records detailing his gangsta life, he has a track record in the streets of being who he says he is and just an adult man, does this sound like the kinda nigga you should be playing games with? To me that don’t make sense. Its not about being “real” or fake or whatever, its just using common sense.

          You say why would he have your feelings hurt? Ok you have a nigga thats lived the majority of his life as a gangsta and now you wanna question him about his actual life and you don’t think he gonna get at you?

          Beanie Sigel never said he was more special then Kanye but what he has said for almost two decades now is that he’s a gangsta. Now if people don’t wanna respect that? Ok, if people wanna think they can check him on that? Ok, but don’t be surprised when somebody who admittedly calls himself a gangsta responds to you like a gangsta. What did you think he was gonna do?

          Beans said your a coward, a bitch and a pussy? Now you say thats not mature? Ok but again, we talking about somebody who has lived his life as that of a gangsta so in that regard he’s responding to the vibe and line of questioning Charlamagne put out there. Now no matter how Charlamagne tried to play it off? He knows what being called a coward, bitch and a pussy means… That means either put your fucking fists up or back down. He backed down and imo he was out of line for talking down to man that based most of his life on being a gangsta and then tried to act stupid when he gets a response in a gangsta type of way.


    • Anthony

      💯 facts

  • El Fenomeno

    you know… i really thought mac explained himself on taxtone podcast…

  • Scromes1212

    On my second look I kinda feel a lot of what beans what saying. Charlemagne had plenty conversations with people he think suckas. Charlemagne calling people hypocrites is crazy with his history. But I just wish Beans would stay away from this. But like he said that’s just him. You love people for being them.

  • M.A.T.

    Charlamagne’s job is to ask the tough questions. He’s qualified because someone pays him to do it. Just say you don’t want to talk about it. Don’t get all pissed that he’s doing his job.

  • D smilez

    To me beans is one of the realist high as to do it. You can’t question his credibility of you haven’t ever ever lived that life. Charlemagne is and always will be a hating ads clown ass Biggs who better be careful wit his words cuz real high as don’t take that flaw shit lightly facts.