Xzibit ‘Tim Westwood’ Freestyle (2001)


Bitch Please

Breaking out backstage footage from the archives, Tim Westwood takes us to a 2001 Eminem show in the UK where Mr. X-to-the-Z drops one over his collabo with Snoop and Nate Dogg. Aiiyo!

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  • EazyLayUp

    40 days 40 nights, restless, and man vs machine.. All were dope

    • jay

      definitely, makes me wanna go try to dig those up to give them another spin.

      • brittany.pulver

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  • el jim chapo guzman

    I used to watched pimp my ride just to make fun of it. Like one time xzibit gave the guy rims that could only fit Pirellis, as if he could afford them being that his old car was held together by gum. lol and Am I the only one that thinks $500k seems low for hosting a show that was really successful on MTV?

    • carmen.calton

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