Jimmy Henchman Granted New Trial


Reasonable Doubt

Looks like Jimmy Henchman will have a new day in court. According to reports, the former music executive was granted a new trial in the murder conviction of G-Unit affiliate, Lowell “Lodi Mac” Fletcher. In 2009, Henchman was sentenced to LIFE for the crime. But now, an Appeals Court says he was denied the right to a fair trial. Despite the news, Henchman still isn’t out the woods yet. He’s currently serving LIFE sentence on drug and gun charges.

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  • el jim chapo guzman

    This rat ass nigga tried to kill Pac back in the days, Jimmy is a snitch slash drug dealer. He probably snitched to get a new trial date.

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    • El Negreo

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  • Tec1Nyc

    Waste of taxpayers money

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