• el jim chapo guzman

    Fuck black America again let make America great again.

    • Troll Patrol

      Here you are again, BEGGING for attention. Pathetic existence.

      • el jim chapo guzman

        I’m a tax paying citizen you don’t think I want America to be great again

        • Troll Patrol

          There’s a difference between commenting on a rap site about the actual music itself and blatant trolling on every single post. Not just here and there, EVERY post. Seek help.

          • el jim chapo guzman

            Everyone has a hobby

          • THE PLUTONIAN

            yeah but not everyone has a life Vladimir. If you devoted more time to being with your mom she wouldn’t have sought affection from myself and Sonic.

          • el jim chapo guzman

            My mother doesn’t sleep with homosexuals

    • Room 222

      Common is better than your favorite rapper and his whole crew combined.

  • TonyTheGreek

    Top 5

    • Scromes1212

      Dead or alive!

      • tina.muro

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  • Room 222

    Top 5 DOA. Common is a true MC. Rhymes with substance over dope production.

  • The Incredible Creation

    shot in Baltimore…