New Mixtape: Young Lito ‘In Due Time’


Clock Work

On the road to riches, Young Lito is moving at how own pace with his aptly titled mixtape, In Due Time. At 14 tracks guest stars include Troy Ave and Tray Pizzy. Download and stream below.

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  • el jim chapo guzman

    Young m.a. Is running Brooklyn, young Lito is fucking dead now.

  • Burr.burr.burr

    Only lito I jam is starlito


    ’m a pretty boy but I pop lead
    And my guap spread, watch you wanna cop?
    I could shop ‘till I drop dead
    Birds flock to me, ‘cause they know I’ve got bread
    Money ain’t a thing, I blow green like a pothead
    Cops said they’re gonna take me out the game
    They’re tripping, you won’t catch me slipping if it rain
    It’s sickening, haters wanna tear me out the frame
    If I get wash, pistols coming out like stains
    I pick it up and aim, and blow it out your brain
    When it’s beef we don’t play, it’s like we forfeited the game……..

    • SMH

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      • PREMERE

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        • SMH

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          • PREMERE

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          • PREMERE

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