New Video: Drake x 21 Savage “Sneakin”


Savage Life

Those late nights in Calabasas sure look fun. Accompanied by 21 Savage, Drake turns his bachelor pad into the Playboy Mansion in support of his upcoming mixtape playlist, More Life. The songs are scheduled to drop sometime next month.

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    Drake is using the Jay Z formula again. God awful. Is it 2017 yet?

  • Ehh… Drake is starting to get played out now, well to me anyway… Dude is just like a one trick pony at this point, there’s no change or diversity, same thing every time. Only a matter of time before his burnout comes and ends up like Wayne, Rick Ross, Fif (sad but true) or whoever.

    • el jim chapo guzman

      Keep fif out of it dawg

    • Kevin Banks

      been a long time coming, now the fans are finally coming out of their trance

    • CashlessClay

      Man if Drake goes away who are we left with! Dot and Cole are always away and now and then drop an album and disapear!

      We are stuck with Yachty, Uzi and 21! No wonder Drake is uninspiered!

      • Kris Kompute

        Damn nigga, are you new to this rap shit?

        Someone great always comes along.

  • Joe Blacc

    auto-pilot Drake is my least favorite Drake.

  • Free The Wave

    We need a new wave cause all this shit played out like the polk a dots

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Fuck that 21 savage BS we need that new uncle murda g unit joint..



      • el jim chapo guzman

        Uncle joined g unit is like Kevin Durant joined golden state. #Unprecedented

  • Kevin Banks

    Meanwhile people are still saying Drake is top 5

    • el jim chapo guzman

      Lyrically No’ popularity YES.

  • daffysci

    weird ass video.

  • Kris Kompute

    Does drake have one good video? To be a good actor, the visual aspect of his music sucks.

    • Vurbz Fenomeno


      • Kris Kompute

        *nods head in approval*

    • ayohellno

      worst behavior.

      • Kris Kompute

        Rapping in front of cars, houses and holding babies in an impoverished neighborhood.

        Original, never been done before.

  • Anarchy for 2018

    i wish Drake would take a break for a bit. starting to get fatigued

  • J R E

    Is gun violence not a major problem right now? Why one of the biggest rappers on the planet promoting it in his song? This song is terrible and so is the subject matter, not to mention the video… Trash
    I’m mean A Tribe Called Quest released an album yesterday and today we are gifted this…

  • Chronic

    Savage looks so outta place….like he doesn’t know how to deal with all the fakeness goin on around him

  • King Dolla to buy and lease beats!!!

  • these hos tho.. fckkkkkkkkk