T.I., Meek Mill, Quavo “Black Man” On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’


With Meek Mill and Quavo’s support, T.I. brought attention to injustice and politics on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ last week. It’s Us Or Else here.

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  • Scromes1212

    Glad TIP put this album out. It was needed. But y’all could have added the other brothers name to the post. He did his thing.

  • el jim chapo guzman

    The lowest form of intellect always act like crabs in a tank…sad…meek has a platform to help his own people but instead he chooses hate and division.

  • Is it because of my people? Or is it because of my skin? No, it’s because of crime…

    • marty mcfly

      “Crime” is often a code word used in courts and in politics thats used to tip the scales against black people. This is why a nigga caught with drugs and guns in middle america can get hit with mandatory YEARS like he was caught firing his weapon in Chicago while a white boy caught with the same drugs and guns a just get a fine and wont serve a week in prison. They’ve been saying the word “crime” over and over again in the political news for the last week. Thats code for investors and business to put more money into prison labor because their bout to add another million new inmates soon and the criminality level isn’t always the same across racial lines.

  • iLexx

    This song! Since hearing the EP, once a day I find myself singing this song, I dunno why, shit is catchy with a message tho.

    • nikki.cook.92

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