Kanye West Released From Hospital


Pray For Kanye

Kanye West has had a rough few weeks and now it has turned for the worst. TMZ reports Kanye was checked today for severe sleep deprivation and was recommended to be admitted to UCLA Medical Center for health precautions. Earlier in the day, West canceled the remaining dates of his ‘Saint Pablo‘ tour. Get well soon.

UPDATE: After over a week in the hospital, Kanye’s coming home again. Earlier today, West checked out the UCLA Medical Center, CNN reports. Here’s to a quick recovery.

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  • Anthony

    When shit hit the fan, is you still a fan?

  • Sean Power

    this could be real are the kardashian fake this get some of bad PR away from his rants…… I wonder if jay will call now


    smells like a kardashian style publicity stunt

    • Epul

      The show is must be running dry lmao

    • alex

      Yeah…A conspiracy to fool us all that is going to run them just about 30 mil. That risk makes sense. Because obviously Kanye being in the psych ward is soo entertaining its enough to re coup 30 mil. You’re smart. Stay behind that keyboard good sir. You drop gems.

      • FREE MAX B

        they already got you tricked into believin the lies!!!!

    • Zero Fear

      Yes, Kris Jenner’s expert advice includes encouraging Kanye to sabotage his new multi-million dollar deal with Adidas.

  • Jazz June

    Damn ye get better man

  • Pamela Campbell

    If he dies we know exactly who to blame since he went against clinton cartel,obama and illuminati

    • Starlion

      Shut Up

      • Pamela Campbell

        He was taken in handcuffs

    • 476231

      He likely just went for a check-up, you old hag. Shut up.

  • The Real Talk Of BK

    Oh word!? Well I don’t buy it, and if I do I’ll keep my receipt, bc I’ll return the next day. We all know after that BS he pulled in SAC Live Nation canceled the rest of his tour dates. That implies they will want some of their bread back from him…unless he somehow calls in sick with a doctors note, at that point the tour insurance will kick in and pay back live Nation the difference.
    Is Ye mentally on stable? Hell Yeah… but he nor the Kadarshian clan will fuck up their money w/out a back up plan …

    • Kris Kompute

      Helluva scenario you created there. You should write fiction novels.

  • Effen


  • el jim chapo guzman

    kanye west ego wont let him sleep

  • heez

    Nigga ain’t exhausted he just on that powder

    • Kermit

      How u know?

  • L Train

    They know their soul are in the hands of the deadly father and reality is setting in.

  • Kermit

    That pic tho lmfao

  • Kris Kompute

    Publicity stunt? They are on the cover of every tabloid every week. TMZ has an entire staff dedicated to Kim and Kanye. You do publicity stunts to get more attention so you can make more money.

    He makes 500k/show. He’s not cancelling his entire tour and forfeitting $5m+ for a “publicity stunt”.

    Y’all literally suck these niggas dicks in they face and kick them in the balls when they are down.

    • Troll Patrol

      Whatever you say, Corky! Nobody cares.

      • Kris Kompute

        You literally stole that from Mac Diesel. Got damn you corny.

        • Troll Patrol

          Who? Kick rocks, Short Bus. Lmfao!

          • denise.shumaker

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  • greg kruxx

    too much hate and corny comments on here

  • LOOK MY SWEDISH ass have noting to do with WHACK kardassians OR whack WEST rant fuck up or former MOST AFF ALLL mental brake down STOP LYINING PInk whanted war well now we git war

  • el jim chapo guzman

    So who is getting the first Kanye interview? YN & B DOT? ELLEN? or the breakfast club

    • Savimbi

      That all depends on how many dicks you are willing to suck on!!!! Faggot!!!

      • el jim chapo guzman

        Yours included to right?

        • Savimbi

          Whoa!!!! Log off!!! I’m calling your internet service provider to deactivate your shit!!!

  • John Jay

    We’rere about to watch the new “brainwashed” Kanye’s show…wait and see…

  • Scromes1212

    Well wishes Ye. Now back to this music!