New Video: Rick Ross Ft. Gucci Mane x 2 Chainz “Buy Back The Block”


Been There, Done That.

After working long hours at the car wash, Rozay, Gucci and 2 Chainz round up real estate in their new music video. Rather You Than Me coming soon.

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  • MMG = CB4

    hangin with that sucka who killed Bankroll

  • Room 222

    I might buy Family Dollar, cut it to fifty scent

    I got a job for your father, I’m tryna help with the rent.

    • MMG = CB4

      Ricky aint buying shit until he pays back the IRS and his gardener! He might even lose that lawsuit over In Da Club and end up owing 50 lots of Cents.

      50 just got his debts cut by 14.5 million so he’s basically in less debt that Officer Ross is now…

      • Room 222

        Awww look at you! Cute and all.

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    • Rozayy2x

      I caught that diss too.

      • lucille.dominguez

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    Why doesn’t he buy back Gunplay’s MMG chain?

  • BOmidget molleyBARON

    Young Renzel got the hood on smash

  • Starlion

    Ross with that tight yellow jean HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! wtf

  • Scromes1212

    Pretty funny at the beginning lol Ross a funny dude. Love this song. Buy back the block!!

  • quality street music with a somewhat positive message… can never go wrong with Ross