• 476231

    Joell did his thing.

    What the hell happened to Busta?

    • Thomas Gregersen

      He got fat and lost his voice?

  • Dusty Sonic Taylor – I Eat Ass

    Got damn, Busta? Looking fat as hell!

    Damn, Dustin! In high school you was a trans, Dustin! #DonkeyBoyDustinTaylor HeeeeeHaaaaaw

  • Dialtone

    LOVE IT!!!!!! That’s a Cold ass jacket you got on Bussa Bus!!!!! Dum ass dudes on here Busta been fat…..ant nothing the boy still a monster wit it!!!! Glad to see my man Joell get some well deserved shine!! SALUTE!!!!

  • Savimbi

    Dope performance!!! Busta out there looking like Harambe, only difference is, he’s rocking a fur!!!

    • marquitabernardo

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  • Damon Jaafar

    Ill track and performance Black Thought still got it

    • kendra.nadeau

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