Pharrell On The Breakfast Club


You Know I Want’cha

Pharrell Williams made his Breakfast Club debut this morning. During his time, he spoke on N.E.R.D., the music business, women in Hollywood, his music production on the film, Hidden Figures, and much more.

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  • Wow, in the past this dude has come off as an airhead to me, but I was wrong. Still has his feet on the ground. Kanye needs to call Pharrell up.

    • NerdyWilliams

      when did he came of as an airhead , just asking cuz i am a fan of his since 1999 and he has always been like that

  • Simon Adebisi

    whats the point in wearing a beanie so far back on your head like that? all this time I thought they were to keep your head/ears warm..

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Should have performed Happy.

  • very good interview… cthagod got him out his zone a bit and it worked