Solange “Rise” & “Weary” On ‘The Tonight Show’


Wake Up

Keeping it artsy and elegant, Solange belted out a live rendition of A Seat At The Table‘s first two tracks last night on ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’. Download her album here.

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  • el jim chapo guzman

    beyonce lil sister is garbage.


      Vladimir, it’s obvious Sonic having continuous sex with your moms has had ZERO effect on your taste.

      Every time I give your mother anal I always play her some Joni Mitchell afterward to 1) ease the pain of her damaged rectum and 2) make her play some new music around the house for you yourself to hear in transit.

      None of this has made any difference to your taste. Well, allow me to educate you;

      This album sees Solange come out of her sister’s shadow and even eclipse Bey’s Lemonade album. This album is a hands down classic and is lathered with gems like ‘Rise’ and ‘Weary’.

      While it is unfair to compare Solange to her megastar sister, as far as comparisons go, the shelf life of this album is timeless, while I for one, will not be playing Lemonade even a year from now.

      With this album, Solange has *killed the game…

      *much in the same way Sonic and I kill your mother’s anus and vagina (on separate days of course).

      • el jim chapo guzman

        EAt a dick with that essay


          The exact same thing I told your mom as she read it.

  • sean lawson

    My 2 favorite off the album

  • mc tamagawa

    Beyoncé’s lil sister is absolutely untalented

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