MTV 2016 Hottest MCs In The Game


Who’s Hot, Who’s Not

After revealing the 7-10 spots this week (below), MTV2 aired our top 6 debate last night with Kanye West taking the crown. Watch the full episode here. See you next year.









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  • Kanye over Drake?… not even the biggest Drake fan but that is so wrong lol Dude went plat his first week and made “All Summer ’16’ a thing… I honestly feel that spot was given to Ye out of sympathy so he wouldn’t go on Twitter rants or kill himself given his recent disturbing behavior. smh

    The rappers that made the list are a decent representation of the best from 2016 but the ordering is completely off!

  • Peter Kushing

    Future n Kendrick the only dudes on there worth mentioning. The rest are weak n lame as fuck. Especially that uncle tom,house nigga at #1

    • El Negreo

      shut ya dumb ass up u prob want nick cannon or lil b to be number 1 pussy

      • Peter Kushing

        Go fuck yo face, you limp wristed faggola.

    • JamesTheNiggaHatingDolphin

      Future? FOH

      • Peter Kushing

        Nah, he got a few good ones when he’s on them 808 mafia beats, you weak ass nigga. Get yo life up.

  • yuuuup

    lol… this website is just like hillary and her fake news.. No j. Cole? No Schoolboy Q?? wow drake who has proven ghost writers and prolly hasn’t wrote a verse since his second cd? man you guys are like “top ten mcs for shitty white tween girls” here is our list. then you proveed with a bunch of shit that only tween girls listen to and will only listen to for another year max, how is that hot. This list should be pop music acts that we can’t claim as pop because then we admit we like pop music and not rap music. what a fucking disgrace. this is so bad. this is possibly the worst thing of one hit wonder rappers there has ever been. none put out classic material and TPAB doesn’t even deserve a spot in top 15 albums release in the past 5 years.. typical racists at rap radar.

    • christwhatuncletoms

      Oh they have women on the panel. No woman is credible in hop hop if she is pst 2005. None of these new dyke rappers, nothing. Get those opinions out of there. HAlf of their decision comes in if they think the rapper is cute. I bet all the women at that table we’re shitty abot no mgk and no kid ink because they just “so cute”. omg rap radar, you lost another fan. Jesus can u guys cater to the pop audience white tween girl demographic any harder? your website is called RAP radar and you have 2 maybe 3 actual rappers if you count travis scott. just because shit is hot on some digital itunes list where they have one song for a few months and then are gone isnt the list you should be getting your top ten hottest mcs in the game list from/ for real. that is like trusting huffington post with their all female staff to put out any news that is bipartisan towards men and women. yall have been infected with the same bull shit the DNC got infected with. HAVE TO BE PC CANT OFFEND ANYONE!!!!! fuck you guys, this website has gone down the drain and this helps prove it

      • quetzalstar

        hit the nail on the head. feminism is tricky. rap radar is mainstream b$..tho it always tiptoed that fine line

  • Marvelous

    LOL suck it Cole

  • iLexx

    Kanye #1 !?!?! Wow this is a joke….

    The list would’ve been wack with Drake at #1 because he released his shittiest album lacking the most Hip Hop. Would’ve been wack for him to #1 but it’s kind of even more wack for Kanye to be #1.

    I honestly am not sure who should’ve been #1 but I assume u did this least before Cole decided to shut down December.

    I thought this was the worst year to do a Hottest MCs list because the usual suspects did necessarily deliver.

    SchoolBoy had a dope album, Isaiah Rashad had a really dope album but I lists like this don’t acknowledge these things.

    Somebody tell me what Future did this year why he even deserves to be on this list?

    Wait, why isn’t Young M.A on this list?

    You guys stay fucking shit up with the Hottest MCs list. Look at this list of mainstream bullshit. Smh.

    • Kris Kompute

      Why even bother bruh? You know they don’t care over here. Blog is straight payola

      I’ll see you on the other sites.

  • Blacc Jedi

    Should be hottest Popular Artists.. Few MCs on this actual list..

    • iLexx


  • Rap Radar Is Dead

    7 comments? This website lost it’s fan base besides the same 3 internet weirdos (one being that Guzman kid who literally comments on every single post). Y’all know this list is wack as hell and so is this website for cosigning these talent-less hacks with ZERO lyrical ability and who’s “music” is nothing more than Auto-Tune and 808’s. Only reason that this is even being posted is because Brian Miller is on the panel. 2DBZ is eons ahead of this biased site. RR never posts about Cole, Lupe etc. Only paid posts which are usually trash rappers (i.e. Troy Average’s garbage ass). Bye, Felicia!

    • Kris Kompute

      Everything you said is true. I go to 2dopeboyz way more now.

      • Rap Radar Is Dead

        And while it may sound a bit harsh, it seems as if this website is only concerned with their furthering own brand rather than the culture itself. Have you seen this particular article posted anywhere else? Nor have I. Whereas sites such as 2DBZ gives us, for the most part, non-biased articles on current and upcoming artists. Not to mention the level of trolling on this website. People on here are more concerned with Disqus fame and childish banter rather than the article at hand. Rarely do I see articles regarding lyrically talented artists such as Cole or Lupe, but rather these “paid for placement” struggling internet rappers such as Troy Average, Lil Durk or Dej Loaf over and over. Dej Loaf for f**k sake! Lol? Nobody is trying to hear that. If we were, these particular artists would’ve blown by now. Just my opinion.

        • Kris Kompute

          They lost me after they posted John Wall’s payola artist. That shit was horrible sonically and dude had no following. Clearly a pay for play. Can’t support that shit.

          • Rap Radar Is Dead


          • Wendynaiken

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      • Tec1Nyc

        I use to check this site all the time for its latest news and music. I think Elliot Wilson dickriding tendencies tarnished what was once a great hip hop site. 2dopeboyz is way better then this bullshit and it’s actually for the culture. RR turned into TMZ for click bait.

    • quetzalstar

      rapradars my last site to check out these days. use to be 3/4x a day. now its 4/5x a month. forbezdvd is even better than this and they got a bare bones budget

    • JamesTheNiggaHatingDolphin

      The site really has gone to shit. Not nearly as pathetic as this list though.

    • Dat Nigga Tee

      Where’s BDot’s trolling ass now? BDot comments / makes distasteful jokes in the comment sections way too much but wheres your response to this one?
      Solid commentary on the RR site and hip hop culture. Hopefully RR can offer a better product in 2017..
      eyes are watching.


    meek lost. officer ricky hold dis L

  • Burr.burr.burr

    This is why I haven’t watched MTV in a long as time

  • el jim chapo guzman

    lol bogus!!!!!! Kanye at 1 drake @ 2 just shows how MTV is bogus.

  • Dark Knight

    Kanye is my favorite rapper ever but if you think he had a better year than drake you are bugging. It should be Drake, Chance then Kanye


    No Lil Mama? These bamas gotta be joking. Fkn gay cowboys.

  • quetzalstar

    travs a rapper?

  • Tec1Nyc

    Why everyone tripping out for this bs? It’s MTV2 for Christ’s sakes so You know it’s ALL commercial. Anyways I stopped following that list many many years ago. It’s all favoritism and what “they” think is hot. I think the fans should decide what’s hot and what’s not. I’m not letting a bunch of cornballs who lack the knowledge of what a real MC is tell me who’s “hot” in the game. I’m out to 2dopeboyz!

  • thedeamkid19

    and this is why hip hop is fucked up right now, cause punk motherfuckers think social media success equals quality in music

  • Kevin Banks



    This entire list with the exception of kendrick is trash…….

  • Tomas Anthony

    when you have ppl like Nick Cannon in the Brain Trust you can’t expect this list to be anything other than what it is – complete garbage.

  • Tomas Anthony

    I’m disappointed in bDot….should’ve spoken up more with these idiots

  • Gmac

    Hey Elliot and b dot take Drakes penis out of your mouth

  • Scromes1212

    If they just going off who’s hot then you would think lil Yachty would be high on this list. I just read he had the most features this year of any artist. Plus he has more radio hits then most of those artist this year. But the list ain’t terrible. I think people mistaking hottest rapper for best mc. It’s a difference

    • Selorm Amuzu

      You would think for about 10 years into this now people would get the difference… either that or people just love to hate

      • iLexx

        Nah because nobody has made it clear what constitutes “hottest MC”. What are the metrics used to decide who is hotter than who?

        If it’s sales, then Drake would be #1 right?

        If it’s “most hated online”, then it’s Yachty right?

        How is Future #6? Did he have a stellar year? Because I must have missed it. Last year Future had a major year but this year, not so much.

        What did Uzi Vert accomplish this year? Did he have a breakout year? Maybe a major song that went #1 and was Grammy nominated? Oh no that was Desiigner…… He seems to be nowhere on this list.

        Not that I would like to see Desiigner on a Hottest MCs list but so far, there is no rhyme or reason for how they are really finalizing this list. A bunch of ppl talking and then they just vote by a show of hands.

        Smh. This was an all around fail.

        • Selorm Amuzu

          But at this point, if MTV is gonna put out the “Hottest MC” list, it’s always gonna be buzz and publicity which brought attention to their music… it’s not just post music and go;

          10 and 9 – Savage and Vert was lumped cos of the “Mumble-Rap stigma, XXL Cover” They both have projects but Uzi had more projects and more songs bubbling

          8 – Kendrick released Unmixed Unmastered, He had the Grammy performance but they were all primarily first quarter shit

          7- Still Brazy had FDT, it had buzz but it came and went

          6 – Future had 2 projects ( well one of them was Esco ) but he still became relevant via features and Wicked was bubbling first quarter

          5 – Young Thug had 3 projects from first quarter to summer and the Highlight was the Jeffrey album

          4- Travis Scott – Travis was riding the Antidote wave early 2016…. got active with features, Pick up the Phone was bubbling and his album released

          3- Chance The Rapper- There was the Colouring Book project and campaign, His TLOP involvement, His So Gone Challenge, His “Social Activism”

          2- (Should have been Kanye ) Drake riding of the Meek shit, the Ghostwriting allegations and the Views album which did wild numbers and the “One Dance” record is literally worldwide

          1 – (Should have been Drake) Kanye the TLOP campaign, the Yeezy campaign and every fuckery which involved it.

  • Cantona

    Great job guys.. Cole just put out the 2nd biggest selling rap album of the year, and he’s not on the list.

    • Selorm Amuzu

      This is because, it was filmed way before J.Cole

  • Peekay

    HILARIOUS! MCs?!?! FOH! Best rapper/autotune singing, maybe. Drake & Kanye’s albums were trash

  • this list is wrong on some many levels

  • blackholesurfer

    please tell me this is a joke right.