New Video: DJ Paul Ft. Yelawolf x Jon Connor “Get Away”


No More Running.

From the chapel to the fields, DJ Paul, Yelawolf and Jon Connor leave their troubles behind in their new video. Don’t go too far, DJ Paul’s Yots (Year Of The Six) Pt. 1 is here.

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  • Frank Kennedy

    RIP Jon Connor . Another Dre casualty

    • Simon Phoenix

      Was thinking the same thing. Him, that other kid Justus and King Mez (who I thought sounded promising) have all been AWOL. They’re always on social media claiming to be “working” but haven’t heard anything new from them lately except for this.

    • Chronic

      Was gonna say….think this is the first I’ve heard from him since the XXL cypher. Dude was killin the mixtape game….my guess is he’s in the category of guys who have insane bars, but just can’t make a good song on their own.

      He better be making some good ghostwriting money at least

      • el jim chapo guzman

        murda mook type niggas.

        • mary-williams

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      • Mallorymparadis

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      • mc tamagawa

        joell ortiz type niggas

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  • el jim chapo guzman

    i hate yelawolf he suck.

  • mc tamagawa

    I can’t stand Yelawolf. he wack

    • blackholesurfer

      k i guess 2-chains can spit better? LOL

      • mc tamagawa toraya nidaime

        My favorite rapper can spit better than yours