New Video: Gucci Mane “Stutter”


So Bad, So Thick

Christmas comes early for Guwop as he turns his literature pad into a strip joint in his new video. Reading glasses please. Ho, Ho, Ho, The Return of East Atlanta Santa is here.

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  • Scromes1212

    That beat hard!

    • Mallorymparadis

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  • el jim chapo guzman

    50k for a freestyle from guwap

    • Savimbi

      Shut your bitch ass up!!! Bet you relate to the title…

      Robbers at summer jam: *pistol whips Guzman* ” Give me everything that’s in your pockets, faggot!!!”

      Guzman: *trembling uncontrollably, urine and shit all in his pants* ” iiiiiiiiiiii ddddoooonnntt…”

      Robbers at summer jam: *smacks Guzman in the mouth before he could finish his sentence* ” Shut the fuck up, pussy!!!!”

      Spits on Guzman, takes his wallet!!!

      The end!!!!

  • mc tamagawa

    fuckin dope

  • emmanuel

    its cool….. love it….