New Music: Big Sean “Moves”


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Big Sean’s looking towards the new year and will be making moves with his new album I Decided. on February 2. To get things rolling, he bosses up on the LP’s latest offering.

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  • el jim chapo guzman

    So far so good this album might be better than the last album.

  • ?????

    why is rr on lil seans dick so hard lately

    • Rodoggy93

      Cause hes movin

    • the same reason your moms on mine

  • Megamind

    Any cay saying Big Sean can’t rap/wack is a fucking hater! PERIOD.
    Dude has one of the most original flows of ALL these new generation rappers!

    And I’m old school..grew up on the legends!…I fks with Sean Don!



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  • Chronic

    He’s killed it with these last 2 songs.

  • mc tamagawa toraya nidaime

    This nigga’s movin. His new album might be better than the last few.

  • Bootney Lee Farnsworth

    big sean is writing for drake.

  • Major

    dude killed it

  • BUI Podcast

    He is monotone. Def has bars. Just cant listen. I tried. I always try when he drops. Just HATE his voice…..