• el jim chapo guzman

    Too short was born 1966 he’s 50 years old and still rapping… he’s old enough to be my grandfather. He shouldn’t be rapping about pimping anymore, his pimping days is over.

    • Room 222

      Math is off, Vladimir. Nobody who’s 50 years old can be your grandfather.

      That’s not plausible. Your daughter’s in her late teens; how can Too Short be your grandfather!?!

      • el jim chapo guzman

        Your disqus fingers is off!!! You know don’t me faggot.

        • Room 222

          “You know don’t me faggot”???

          Your syntax is off, Mr. Vladimir François.

          You’re old enough to be Too Short’s younger brother not his grandchild. Stop lying about your age and heritage.

          • el jim chapo guzman

            Lol old enough to his younger brother lol lol lol lol you made my day brah!!!! Merry Christmas my dude.

          • Room 222

            You’re 30 plus, Vladimir.

          • el jim chapo guzman

            Merry Christmas idiot

  • Major

    Ty Dolla Sign saved the song

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  • Scromes1212

    TY killed that hook

    • Christinachoisington

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  • mc tamagawa toraya nidaime

    I cringe whenever I see Too Short rap because this dude is 50 freaking years old. when you reach a certain age you shouldn’t be rapping. this nigga could be my grandfather or some shit