Troy Ave Shot In Brooklyn


Man Down

Troy Ave can’t catch a break. Seven months after being shot in the leg at Irving Plaza, he was hit in the arm and grazed in the head while driving his red Maserati in Brooklyn. The incident happened at 4:20pm on 91st St and Linden Blvd. He’s reportedly in stable condition. This past Thursday, Troy gave his first interview since his release from Rikers Island with DJ Kay Slay.

allison papson

Dope boy Troy all good, Merry Christmas

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  • winnin


  • predictableChaos16

    sow positive seeds to reap positive fruits

  • MrAfrika

    Need to leave New York. If you getting shot at on Christmas when niggas are breaking away from their families just to kill you, they eventually will. Get outta there while you still can.

    • diane.mitchell

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  • iLexx

    Dude needs to move the fuck up out NY or at the very least Brooklyn. Go to New Jersey or some shit.

    • el jim chapo guzman

      Jersey niggas don’t play my nigga, they’ll kill you quick.

      • Savimbi

        They must of had mercy on you that time they punched your shit and took your wallet at summer jam!!! Faggot!!!

        • el jim chapo guzman

          few months after the incident I paid though so stop the blood clot crying .

          • Savimbi

            What you paid 15k to get your Wallet back? Only to find nothing but a ripped dollar bill and your expired work permit in it…? Ha!!! They should have reported your ass to immigration fuck boy!!!! I guarantee, it’s back to the 3 level mud huts and sheep shagging in 2017 boy, enjoy your last few weeks in America!! Trump is gonna take care of your undocumented ass!!!!

          • el jim chapo guzman

            giants season tickets was part of the deal also

    • mc tamagawa toraya nidaime

      Jersey niggas don’t even drop the guns for the police, they gon shoot you!

      • iLexx

        I get everybody wants to tell me that Jersey niggaz don’t play but I’m only suggesting he go somewhere that he doesn’t already have ppl coming for his head. Whether that is Jersey or Ithaca doesn’t matter to me but just get up out of BK.

        • Tomas Anthony

          upstate New York away from the bullshit…take a page out of 50’s book, hopefully Curtis dropped some knowledge

          • iLexx

            Facts. 50 was probably in his ear letting him know that since he moved to Connecticut he escaped seeing niggaz who hate him daily.

            All I know is, Troy is NOT loved in BK and he can’t keep stunting in the face of ppl who want to see him dead.

  • LP1087

    Crabs yo, smdh

  • Capital B

    Niggas get shot everyday b

  • Judge Joe Dredd

    NY crabs at it again. Smdh… A bunch of pitiful no class crabs in a bucket ass nigguz.

  • el jim chapo guzman

    niggas get shot everyday, B he’ll be aight.


      …..You HOMO’S SUCK DICK EVERYDAY, “B” RIGHT?!?!? Your just lashing out because your still grieving over the death of one of your favorite Gay Icons, George Michael!

      • el jim chapo guzman

        Michael Jackson Your favorite right?


    Unless you shot someone or severely fucked up somebodies life the only reason for someone to be shooting at you can only be JEALOUSY!!!! A dude on this site was just talking shit about Troy Ave & how he really doesn’t have any money, sounding mad pissed while watching the “Appreciate me” video unless…………..some pissed off chick put some duded up to this BS! No man should be getting shot over some DAMN music!

    • Chronic

      Maybe this punk shouldn’t have been disrespecting a dead child like he did in regards to Steez

      • Fuck Capital Steez

        Splat man doesn’t deserve any respect after taking his life like a coward. Didn’t that sucka have a child?




      What does this have to do with 50? I saw 50 went to the hospital to check on Troy cause he a real nigga


      lol this bitter loser out here giving out imaginary L’s and 50 cent on his mind on christmas, cant make this stuff up

  • mc tamagawa toraya nidaime

    Somebody’s trying to take this dude out man. he’ll be aight.

  • Savimbi

    Retaliation from the Irving plaza incident or?!!!

    • Epul

      You the Feds or??

      • Savimbi

        Are you stupid or dumb?

    • 476231

      Because someone in the comment section is going to have this answer.


      • Savimbi

        Somebody needs a heating pad for his ass!!!!

        Butt Hurt!!!

  • Scromes1212

    Judge should take all this in consideration. Someone is obviously out to get him. A man has the right to protect himself.

  • Epul

    Shit crazy!

  • Logik

    They dont want him pointing fingers on the stand

  • Listen there’s a real problem somewhere and I hope all is well. Still in all that street shit gotta die. I been liking Troy Ave music since he shot the video having a gourmet dinner in the park lol. And the album release party in the club with the dirty strippers. I seen the vision and heard the growth musically. I also seen how a lot of people stop shouting him out and turned on him on some business shit. That’s why I respect Fif so much. Dude just a stand up dude and so inspiring. It’s definitely more to it than meets the eye but real talk, I don’t wanna know. I wanna see the brotha shine and get his and live to tell the story. And hopefully redeem all the wrong shit he did in his life and become a savage in the industry and a role model to the kids. All positive energy

    • marty mcfly

      A role model for the kids? I mean it sounds good but he’ll most likely be a role model for kids to be shooters and drug dealers. From the sound of his music, thats the line he’s trying to push. He may have did some foul shit to somebody else and the payback came yesterday and judging by how brazen it was? It probably won’t be the last attempt. I don’t wish death on anybody unless they just a total piece of shit but I do recognize the kinda character Troy Ave portrays himself to be and he only amplifies it with music so if he’s really bout that? Then he knows what kinda energy he’s attracting to himself and its not positive. If he’s smart? He definitely will move outta BK at this point.

  • smh terrible

  • Gaz

    so close the the capital steez anniversary…… Pro era fan

  • TruthSince85

    Ave needs to stay out the street lights and step into the lime light.
    The boy talented and makes some dope records but his ass is gonna die if he keep whipping through Brooklyn in a Maserati with the wolves watching.
    Bulletproof trucks and vests if he stays.
    Relaxing and producing dope music if he hit the burbs…..
    What do we know though….

  • no one has taken more L’s this year than Mr. Avenue. God bless him and his family…

    • never forgot wek mill

      actually Meek Mill has, Soulja Boy too