New Mixtape: Harry Fraud ‘Rogues Playlist Vol. 2″


American Me

Produced by Harry Fraud has released a lot of notable tracks this year. Closing his 2016, he has released a compilation of work including new tracks featuring Action Bronson, French Montana and more.

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  • some dope tracks on here

  • el jim chapo guzman

    That G herbo track is aight I fuck with it.

    • Epul

      G Herbo is slept on, it’s way more to him than Drill Rap

  • sherron.forsythe

    b vdbgcv cv v

  • sherron.forsythe

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  • Bootney Lee Farnsworth

    big homie…. check the spelling in the title of this blog post. get it right dude. another year gone by and you still can’t get your “journalism” correct.

    • casteel.hazel

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  • iknow

    that bronsin joint LIT!