Migos ‘Culture’ Cover


Welcome To Atlanta

The Migos are readying the release of their forthcoming album, CULTURE on January 27. And for the artwork, all three member’s portraits are accompanied with white roses and doves in this flashy collage.

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  • veesky

    I actually eff with this tho their music is hit or miss with me.

    • Marydellsworth

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  • beyond trash

    epic flop, calling it now

    • Megamind

      How when all they drop is hits?? Niggas need to get over themselves and either get with the times or stop listening to rap. I’m OLD SCHOOL…grew up on you name it…Rakim, EPMD, Kool G, Face, Kast, etc….but I’ll say this…the Migos is one of the more consistent new acts out…they have like 5-6 bonafide hits and put out one every years for like the past 3-4 yrs….and their a group which there are NONE as of lately, so that makes them also stand out.

      This will stream heavy like the rest of their content and they’ll tour all year and rack up…so HOW is this a flop my dude?


      • Dark Knight

        Why do you put MM at the end of your comments? We clearly see your name is Megamind

        • Megamind

          It means “Mother Made ya…Mother Fuck ya”! LOLOLOL

          It’s just shorthand!

          DBL MM

          • tammy.hesser

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      • Dennis Gabriel Balaguer

        In album sales it will

        • Megamind

          Name me 5 rappers who sell records besides Drake, Cole and Kendrick??
          I’ll wait!


      • Real

        How do people think this is good music? They are consistently trash. Just because you listen to old school hip hop, doesn’t mean they are skilled. This is the stuff that ruins hip hop.

        • Megamind

          Ruins hip-hop?? Man if you don’t get outta here with that backpack mentality. There’s enough room for EVERYTHING…and the market will dictate. So Cole, Kendrick, Childish, etc ain’t getting their props??

          And they are skilled that’s why everyone BITES their style!


      • Domo

        do you work for them or something!?

        The fact that you tried to make a case while including some of the OGs is incredulous! Try again lmao they are trash, epic flop up vote!!

        • Megamind

          NO I don’t…its just you niggas are fkn dumb and stuck in 88! Time moves forward, not backwards…and you’re trying to use big words?? You see my moniker nigga…you don’t want to go there! LOL

          What you dusty underground, backpack niggas never understand is that the MARKET will dictate…If they were trash, they would’ve been outta here after “Versace”…they are over 5 yrs in the game.

          And me mentioning OG doesn’t make it a mutually exclusive statement…they can both co-exist.


  • el jim chapo guzman

    The migos is slept on…

  • Scromes1212

    Dope cover. Got a old school look to it.