Cassidy ‘DJ Whoo Kid’ Freestyle


Snapping BARS

On New Years Eve, Cassidy and Swizz Beatz rung in their new year over at DJ Whoo Kid’s ‘The Whoolywood Shuffle’ on Shade 45. For nearly 8 minutes, Cass brought the heat to the mic over a couple of Tony Yayo and Puff instrumentals. Their The Crook & The Thief coming soon.

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  • Neighborhood Soup..

    Cass Blacked Out…. Nothing New.. Just Glad He Back W Swizzy

  • casteel.hazel

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  • Home Of Philly

    Cass just being Cass… This is the perfect moment for a lyrical exercise. Nothing wrong with mumble rap or just pop-rap music but there needs to be a balance.

  • hostage

    Swizz acting like these young lyrical cats ain’t been rippin the mic lately. C’mon son… and Cassidy chocked out like 3 times at the start being too hyper ..

    it was nice, but stop with that Gas.

    • Savimbi


  • WWRD

    he blacked the fuck out

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Cassidy should be seeking for a day job rapping ain’t working no more…

    • Savimbi

      And you should get out that welfare job and get a real job guzman!!!!

      • el jim chapo guzman

        Gated community in Harlem New York, right off west highway and a Aston Martin. is beyond the middle class savimbi..

        • Savimbi

          You mean the gated community where u work as a custodian? Guzman!!!! Don’t make me tell your supervisor about that expired work permit!! Fag

  • Charlegod da Man

    Cassidy needs to sign to g unit.

    • el jim chapo guzman

      G unit make dreams come true

  • iLexx

    Cass back wid Swizz? Dope..

    • ryan.victoria

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