Pharrell “Runnin” On ‘Ellen”


Don’t Stand Still

Pharrell made his return to ‘The Ellen DeGeneres’ show earlier this week to plug the film, Hidden Figures. During his time, P brought the good vibes to the stage with a live performance of “Runnin”. Act like you were there and check it out.

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  • el jim chapo guzman

    The tolerant Left!! if only they could live up to the standard they preach!! Ellen makes me sick!!!! God bless Ms. Burrell.

    • SaniAbacha

      Agreed. #pizzagate

    • Bendy

      what ever man , MS burrell preaching god, but GOD doesnt hate , so i see the DEVIL

      • el jim chapo guzman

        Smh!!! So MS Burrell is a devil?

        • Bendy

          dumb as a rock i guess u r @!

  • untchbl1


    • Crystalsgaston

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