Drake Previews New Song In Amsterdam

Screen Shot 2017-01-29 at 9.42.42 AM


Drake’s new project, More Life is right around the corner. Last night, Drizzy kicked off his ‘The Boy Meets World Tour‘ at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam and previewed a new track before capping off the evening. Sounds good so far.

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  • Jack Mehoff

    This dude is a bitch for stealing xxxtentacion

    • Real Talk

      Dude always been a little bitch since his youth

    • NIgel Sparks

      fuck bull and fuck you… I;m tired of all these ghost fans that only come out to hate. If you’re a true fan then why aint bull poppin?

      • Bolo

        -just another bitch nigga

      • PhilLee8

        it’s not bull, it’s bol.

      • Billow Baggins

        xxxtentacion is still unsigned, no videos but every song on his soundcloud has over 60 million plays on soundcloud. Drake definitely bit dude flow. smh.

  • Savimbi

    Meh! But he got the machine behind him so it’ll work!

  • really not that great, and im blowed but i think its funny that the stage set looks kinda like a giant pussy when its deflated

  • Boujee

    I haven’t purchased an entire album in about 5 years. Usually, I only enjoy one or two songs from any single album, so it’s just not really worth it. But, I mean… props to Drake, I love almost every single song in Views and I have been listening to them almost constantly for months and they’re still not getting old or annoying!

    • Paularmarti

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  • Kevin Banks

    oh my GOD can this corny dude just go away

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Did drake bite the migos flow?

  • Billow Baggins

    he straight stole xxxtentacion flow tho.

    • BELE

      you’re saying this flow is entirely unique to Xxxtentacion? If that’s what you’re saying, I’m afraid I have to disagree there bub.

      • Billow Baggins

        Not saying thats a unique style, but that particular flow was 100% taken from the song “Look at me” by xxxtentacion. This is not a coincidence. It’s just another example of a bigger artist taking something from a underground artist and making money off of it.

        • wrwr

          drke said he never heard of this xxxtentacion in a interview

          • Billow Baggins

            He can say a lot of things, doesn’t make it true. You said that as if he doesn’t know how to lie. The fact he had to address the situation at all should tell you something.

  • Scromes1212

    Sounds pretty good. I hope this album is just him spitting. Im not trying to hear another R&B Drake album.

  • BELE

    So far sounds Zzz, but it will probably turn up the clubs and radio with some repetition

  • Cantona

    That featuring Giggs?Sick