Cam’Ron Responds To Jim Jones

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Hell Up In Harlem

There’s a lot of tension in Dip Set and Cam’Ron cleared the air last night. Following Jim Jones’ emotional interview with Hot 97, Killa went on his Instagram live stream denying any alleged betrayal, the origins of their fall out, Jim’s recent Roc Nation deal, Ma$e, Max B, Juelz Santana and much more.


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  • yaaaaaaaaaaa

    Seems like Jim Jones a little pissy that Killa can get famous off his name alone again and jim jones had one song that people played to ad naseum then chewed him up and spit him out and stopped giving two fucks about in i dunno? 2010? 11? Is that even being generous?

    Killa at least writes his shit unlike Hova. MCHG is one well done ghostwritten album.

    • Livin Proof

      Proof that jay-z has a ghostwriter or STFU

      • speakingthetrth

        His last album was american gangster. You can hear it. There is no more Jay-Z in blueprint 3 and beyond. WTT MCHG all of hov’s shit is ghostwritten. Just don’t have time for that nonsense anymore, but need the deplorables to think you are on their side while rapping about the most inane things.

        • Livin Proof

          So u going by ear and got nothing solid on him having a ghostwriter. Ok. Understood. You got nothing.

        • SaniAbacha

          What a load of absolute piss. Do you believe anything that your brain composes?


      …….So whose the mystery person that wrote all those #1 albums?!?!!? How come that person isn’t a Multi-Millionaire/Multi-Platinum Artist?!?! How come if that person has done all the work he/she hasn’t come forward to take credit for it?!?!? You can’t say it was for image because Jay isn’t some pretty boy/model looking dude, so who is this person? Outside of Cam mentioning Jim signing to Roc Nation which we all knew, Cam mentioning Jay having lots of $$ before his music blew up which a lot of us knew about (hater’s didn’t want to believe it). WHAT DOES JAY-Z HAVE TO DO WITH CAM’S INTERVIEW ABOUT JIM?!? I must have missed the part where Cam mentioned your name & how you were obviously with him as he wrote every song!!!! I do know that both Jay & Cam have ghostwritten songs for lots of other people. JUST KEEP IT REAL, GO LOOK AT YOURSELF IN THE MIRROR & SAY “I’M A HATING ASS LOSER & I NEED TO CHANGE”!

      • Real Talk

        You are so defensive, its comical. Very bitchlike


          ….You are right it’s more than comical, it’s Hysterical. What’s even more funny is you thinking my reply is “bitch like”. You can always tell which people have either achieved $ucce$$ or who are working towards it & who the jealous weak people are!!! You are either a real crab in the barrel hater or just some basically mentally weak person. You don’t have to be “bitchlike” to figure out why someone without any proof at all makes negative statements about people they don’t know!!! Real Talk, What would you call it if I called you a broke degenerate pussy ass scumbag? I don’t know you at all but because I said it does it make me right?!?!?

          • Real Talk

            The emotional bitch with another paragraph lmfaoooooo


            ….. Look at my reply & yours. Only a CERTIFIED LOSER would cosign your ignorance. As far as your name calling why get upset at a coward who’d never say it to my face? The Jokes on you!!! I’ll keep trying to educate the uneducated but you can’t turn a ho into a housewife!

          • Real Talk

            A smart for nothing emotional fuck nigga who types alot out of frustration hahahaha


            A Dumb Ass Loser who doesn’t have shit, will never have anything of value, who has no friends, family or money so they lash out of frustration……#TRUTH

          • Real Talk

            hahahaha not looking so undisputed there, mogul. Heres an L for wasting your time with a “dumb ass loser” hahahaha


            Cool! I’ll take your “L” & turn it into Lemonade! You take the “L” right up your ass because that’s where life has it’s foot!

          • Real Talk

            Nigga, you lame as fuck

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  • el jim chapo guzman

    The problem happen in business with Jim when he went to Koch after Jim and became serious about his career and it’s direction. That Birdgang move cam did without telling Jim he owned the copyright was a sucka move. That’s where Jim felt he cost him millions.