Lil Yachty “It Takes Two” Target Ad


Shopping For Two

Viewers watching last night’s Grammys were delighted to witness Lil Yachty, Carly Rae Jepsen and Mike Will Made It’s remake of the DJ E-Z Rock and Rob Base’s 1988 classic. Shopping through Target, the ad aired was part of the store’s new campaign. Expect more and pay less.

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  • el jim chapo guzman

    smh get that bull shit outta here.

  • Fruity Pebbles Teeth

    This nigga beyond wack

    • The Ripper

      He may be back but dude is getting paid!!!! Sprite and Target…this guy is strolling to the bank!!!

      • Lucymleonard

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      • worstfansever

        WHY DOES THIS MATTER TO YOU?? How brain washed are you. Well this rapper gets money. So I guess I better put his dick all up in my mouth! You sound like the girls he so desperately needs to buy his albums.

        My god. You know there are a bunch of behind the scenes niggas that get paid for this type of shit too, right? Except they dont put their face on it because they have dignity. This shit is beyond wack and should be be praised. “Hes gettin money!!” He must be good at rapping! It has nothing to do with him being a house nigga that gets paid as long as he does what he is told! What a way to live! Get that money!

        • Take a Breather

          Kid is wack, but calm down. Good lord? All worked up for nothing.

        • The Ripper

          What the heck are you talking about??? Lol… calm down silly boy!!! I was just responding to another idiot comment. You all worked up. I was actually giving stating the young rapper is paid. You tripping…

      • Fruity Pebbles Teeth

        Who gives a fuck