Rick Ross hold this L!!!

      • Officer Ricky

        Im holding this L down

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Dope!!! Royce killed it.

  • Track King Cole

    Consequence kills me trying to be Pro-Black, when he just had a baby by a “White Woman” Main reason i dont take Tribe Called Quest as serious as i did when i was younger. Those cats stay Frolicing with White Women.

    • assasin

      aren’t some of our most prominent black figures birthed by a white woman or have a white father?

    • bizi

      Isn’t it possible to have love for your people and fall in love with someone who isn’t black? Pro Black Anti-White

      • Track King Cole

        Pro-Black = Black Nationalist Most of us are Pan Africanist as well. Some new age Black Folks are trying to change Pro-Black of the 1960’s into some bullshit. Being Pro-Black doesn’t mean you hate White People, but you can’t say your Pro-Black or a Black Nationalist, or a Pan Africanist and lay down with a White Woman every night.

  • cc

    @trackkingcole:disqus “stay frolicking” lmao

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  • Dope

  • G-Unit <3