New Music: Asher Roth “More Is Less”

more or less

More Hash

Like he always does around this time, Asher Roth blesses us with another drop for his yearly (H)Ash Wednesdays. Produced by his go-to man, Nottz.

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  • el jim chapo guzman

    That dude still garbage

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  • HipHopIsDead888

    He need to do another mixtape with green lantern.

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  • Peter Kushing

    Somebody get these jew rappers outta here. Shit is ridiculous. Wtf do these jewboys like this clown,fat bronson,weak ass drake,riff raff, have to talk about? The fuckin talmud, not working Saturdays,eating matzo balls lol smh?! Fuck outta here.

    • Officer Ricky

      Action Bronson nice but them others I totally agree

    • BUI Podcast

      Yea the beastie boys and rick rubin arent shit right lolololol. Fagggot.

      • Peter Kushing

        Nah, they arent. Neither is that fat fuck rubin. That jew bastard cant mix a song worth shit.