• Mogul101

    His world play was crazy on this. #Bars

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  • Infinite80’s

    Gunz been dope for years.
    He can’t catch a break though.
    First he signs to the Roc and then the Roc break up.
    He signs to Cash Money/Young Money, same label bullshit.
    He been around for 10 plus years but he still young enough to pop still.
    He deserve the shot.

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    • Sean Power

      maybe should go Indy, trust in yourself like chance did


      Wayne stole his style and shelfed him…….

    • wap

      When he signed with Young Money he caught a weapons charge. His pops wanted him to lay low, because he didn’t want any attention by the police

  • Track King Cole

    Corey Gunz has bars!! When i hear young guys talk that bullshit i point them right in this young guys direction. The industry needs to stop fronting on him.

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Cory gunz can spit!! He fucked his career up by being loyal to Wayne.

  • duuuuuuude

    Don’t care. Dudes dad killed him in a freestyle on some show a few years ago. Get me a Peter Gunz album and we could be talking. Dude WAS killing his son verbally. Puns son >>> THis fucking weirdo. Helped pioneer the fuck boy shit we got now from migos to yachty to 21 savage. Stupid as fuck.

  • Andrew Figueroa

    Word play level 100


    Bars, lil wayne ripped this cats style……..

  • wack, G-Unit <3

    • hulk hogan

      honey i’m home

  • Doran williams

    FUCKING BARZ!!!!!!!!!

  • Damon Jaafar

    He killed the beat

  • ayohellno


  • Ed

    Yo what beat is Corey spitting on