Future ‘HNDRXX’ Tops The Charts



Nobody is safe, including those on the charts. This week, Future finds himself at the top of Billboard 200 with his self-titled album, FUTURE. With a 140,000 in first week sales, this marks the rapper’s 4th number 1 debut. In related news, early predictions suggest that his follow-up album, HNDRXX, released a week later, will follow suite. Stay tuned.


As predicted, Future remains on top. This week, his HNDRXX album bows at the top spot on Billboard 200 with 121,000 in first week sales. This marks his fifth number 1 debut and becomes the first artist in history with two projects debuting at number 1 two weeks in a row. Congrats again!

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  • If he comes in number one again with HNDRXX next week, not only would he be the first Hip Hop artist to drop two number one albums back to back within a 2 week time span, he’ll be the first artist in history PERIOD to do so.

    That’s a heck of an accomplishment and work ethic, doesn’t matter if you can vibe with his music or not, you have no choice but to salute to that, congrats.

    Looking at things on a flip side, it’s not really hard to produce the music that he makes, no serious thought-process to it at all like a Kendrick or J. Cole song would be for example. It takes me roughly 2-3 hours to write a song, sometimes even a couple days cause I like the music to sit with me before I see a good angle I can vibe out over a track. Pretty sure Future spends no less than 30-45 minutes a track.

    • DWEEB

      “It takes me roughly 2-3 hours to write a song, sometimes even a couple days cause I like the music to sit with me before I see a good angle I can vibe out over the track.”

      -But it ain’t Ralph tho.

  • Future my zaddy <3 luv

  • Peter Kushing

    Garbage album. I like that first track n thats it. The beats are unlistenable. Like, who the fuck did the production work lol? Beats was just so bland and nothing stood out. Niggas will just hop on anythang anymore. Future sound the same, as usual.

    • el jim chapo guzman

      Hndrxx is terrible

  • Pill “Real” Cosby™

    I think he’s dropping a third album this week, trying to get out of that Rocko deal

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Both albums is trash, I guess future rushed both albums just so he can get a1 records off his back.. a1 records had a 6 album deal with future and that why rocko is suing.. future had no business signing to epic records without doing it through a1 records.

    • its been A1/Freebandz on every album. that rocko shit is a rumor, rocko just disgruntled

      • el jim chapo guzman

        How it’s a rumor when they beefin over that shit.

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  • Dan

    You must admit Future works his ass off. Well Played.

  • Peter Kushing

    Both those albums unlistenable. Its like he just hopped on any shit beat thrown his way. Do niggas n niggettes even listen to the actual music anymore?

  • Scromes1212

    He got his Marvin Gaye on lol got Roco out the way quick. Salute. He made history in two weeks.

  • RGeezy

    trash music is winning these days


    I’m broke till I get paid and I can’t afford alcohol so I’m in the crib standing up too fast on purpose, shit got me faded.