New Video: Rick Ross Ft. Young Thug x Wale “Trap Trap Trap”

trap trap trap

Brown Bag Legends

With his Rather You Than Me album in stores today, Rozay returns home in his new video. In the clip, the Bawse cruises the city while Young Thug occupies a cop car and Wale taking the courts. Trapping ain’t dead.

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    Damn he brought out his cop car. I hope Birdman sends his shooters to end this fraud once and for all.


    Wale merked the track.

  • RGeezy

    how many times is he going to make the same damn song

  • Room 222

    more like “Trash Trash Trash”. This album gonna go triple cardboard. At least we getting a Drake album tomorrow, aint no females listen to Rick Ross.

  • Dennis Scott

    Funny thing- ppl keep Wale out the conversation but Jcole or Kendrick couldn’t get on this beat and ride so perfect. Top 5 new Skool to me.

    • Megamind

      That’s a bit of a stretch..BUT Wale can rap…Cole & Kendrick could’ve DEF rocked over this beat.


  • el jim chapo guzman

    MMG is done!!!! rick ross got meek mill flying commercial, catching connecting flights from Miami to st louis

    • the trewf

      Thats probably why he refused to take the picture! Didn’t want the world to know he wasn’t on them private jets in his recycled instagram pics or his raps.

      • bennett.angel

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      • el jim chapo guzman

        Lol facts.

    • MTL

      If MMG is done, your favorite rapper’s crew is dead and buried. Smh.

      • el jim chapo guzman

        50 cent is goat.

  • BTK44!

    Hot Trash…..

    • jose.aliff

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  • yesken


  • MTL

    Losers be like “U only clicked to listen to Young Thug, fuck Rick Ross and Wale”.

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  • Peekay

    Wale saves this but still sounds like every other Ross song with an unimaginative/annoying chorus.

    • Black Igloo

      if they would have replaced Young Thug with Pusha T or kevin Gates would have made the track fire. it could have been so much better without him

    • ammythomas02

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  • This the song that made the rest of the album fall off. Track 1-3 = fuego!

    Couldn’t go pass track 6. Its just too generic like Drake’s trash album

  • Black Igloo

    Young thug takes away from this track so much smh Wale saves the hell out of it though