Drake ‘More Life’ Tops The Charts


More Wins

Drake’s back on top. This week, The Boy’s More Life has scored him his seventh number 1 debut on the Billboard 200 with 505,000 units moved in its first week. The release has also set Spotify and Apple Music records as the most streamed album in history. Congrats!

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  • Scromes1212

    Didn’t know he had 7 number one records. Congratulations. This album still has to grow on me but so far that Blem and Free Smoke both cool.

  • Mec-One


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  • What i like about Drake, is that every year he brings a new sound into his pallette, last year was the Stevie Wonder type ‘timeless’ chords and minimal production, this year we get the nice ‘House Suite’ (Tracks 3 – 6). Really nice expansion of his sound, Drizzy’s impact on taste and exposure of alternative music out side of hip hop will be felt for decades to come.

    • thisaintrap

      Yeah having 17 ghost writers for 15 songs will definitely get you some different sounding music. What a dork. Has Drake ever been taken seriously by anyone but females? Seriously. Dude has never been a problem just had some good tunes to start out. Then you could tell on the third album it wasn’t him and then the if youre reading this its too late ghost writing evidence came out and you still on his nuts.. lol. So you are a fan of pop music. Cool. There is some iggy big ass music for ya that I am sure you think is on whatever par drake is setting in your eyes.

      • Daisy

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      • neversexexesinexcess

        I’m not sure you know what you’re talking about, but it’s fun to read. I mean 17 ghostwriters. Wow. Anyone but females. Wow Pop music. Wow. Your summation is awesome. You go guuuuuurl.

  • ToKeR

    Cmon it as OK ! Let down again just a little better than VIEWS. I don’t no man he jus sounds montone and not motivated. I mean he is obviously making a lot $ . He has enough hits to stop making music and just tour for the rest of his life.

    • Grammar Police

      English much? Stay in school, Corky! Good lord?!

      • ToKeR

        This fucking my S7 must not have spell check on. School? Yea I have my masters in Engineering. Own my own construction company. Employ over 723 men. I bring in a half a mill or million in a month. Get off your parents Internet or out of your apartment. Bitch boy. I need some more people to do labor work since I’m sure you can’t frame, electrician, or operate heavy machinery. But looks like your an English teacher haha. Enjoy your 50 k a year. You LAF

        • n0name

          Yeah and still got time to write comments! Sure..
          Nice joke bro ;]

          • ToKeR

            You must be slow, im the owner I make my own lunch schedule and I’m using my phone bidding jobs all day. But you wouldn’t know what I’m talking about while still using your mom’s Internet in your apartment. I’m living good over here. You LAF



  • Congrats to Drake

  • el jim chapo guzman

    to be honest Drake is lucky to be in an era where good music is really really hard to find so his music stands out compared to others…15 years ago he would be just another artist putting out some good music.

  • my zaddy <3

  • L Train

    He Killed Rick Ross whole album hype! Fuck mmg

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  • IKEEPIT100

    Ross album still shits on drake more life by a landslide…drake doesnt make the quality of music ross makes just music for gramas an grampas feel like the can be hip too lol

    • THEY

      We don’t listen to booty searching frauds