New Music: Gucci Mane “Coachella”



Guwop made his Coachella debut last weekend and brought out tons of guests including Rae Sremmurd and Diddy. Before doing it again this weekend, he spreads love to all attendees on his new track produced by TM-88, !LLMIND and Murda Beatz.


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  • el jim chapo guzman

    Crack!!! What happened to jeezy??? Have someone seen him lately???

    • Savimbi

      Heard he’s been taking your moms around the world with him!!!

      • el jim chapo guzman

        My grandfather had a saying many years ago which he repeated to me when I was very young. I didn’t understand it for many years and thought gramps was just a wacky old coot.”You can talk to people until your blue in the face and they will not listen to a word you say, but if you pick up a nice sized coal shovel and crack them in the head you will be amazed at how fast you gain their UNDIVIDED attention..