Lil Wayne On ESPN’s ‘Undisputed’

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Undisputed Tune

Weezy recently spent time over at ESPN’s ‘Undisputed’. During the show, he weighed in on the controversial race comments made by Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant. With his one-on-one chat with host Skip Bayless, Tune briefly talked about his Roc Nation announcement, Aaron Hernandez, and his current status with Cash Money.


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  • Th1rt3en

    Undisputed is on FS1 not ESPN

  • 2words the Roc you Bastards

    idiot/lame culture vultures

  • Yea I hit #catchalata

    Wayne want that money look at how he jumps at Shannons responses, bruh Birdman… playboy… brrrrr… pay dat man!!!

  • el jim chapo guzman

    The guy had it all. A promising NFL career, a daughter, and a fiance. What the hell is wrong with these people!!! I just do not understand them!!!

    • Savimbi

      And you had it all. A promising fisherman career, a 3 level mud hut and 2 goats. But you threw it all away to be an illegal immigrant with an expired work permit who constantly gets robbed at rap concerts!!! Clown!!!

      • el jim chapo guzman

        eat a dick bitch

  • iBlog101

    Lil Wayne is still the best rapper of all time no matter what.

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  • Victor from Guitar Graph

    LiL Wayne is one of the well respected Rapper Rec Artist to date. Vic

  • jerryluster

    without no aguement he lil tunchi have always been the best check out his letest here>>

  • iBlog101

    Nice song mhen!!! Good rap flows from Lil Wayne tha tunechi

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