New EP: 9th Wonder x Mr. Cheeks ‘The Lost Tapes’

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Lost Tape

Who knows what producer 9th Wonder has in his stash. Who knew the Lost Boyz’ frontman was recording. At any rate, the pair has released some previous recordings. Stream below.

“I have a ton of music on my drive. Sitting. I hate sitting music. I first connected with Mr. Cheeks in 2008, who has always had a close relationship with North Carolina. After I opened BrightLady Studios in 2010, one of the first artists to bless the booth in Jamla’s new home was Mr. Cheeks. Seven years later, after speaking with Mr. Cheeks’ manager Janet Williams of The Matriarch Agency, who has always supported the Jamla family, we decided to let these fly. Arranged by AMP and 9th Wonder for The Illustrious Soul Council. Recorded in BrightLady Studios, Raleigh, NC. Shouts to NC, Southside Jamaica Queens, and beyond. Enjoy. As always……For The Culture.”


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  • Curbside

    Lost Boyz!

    • el jim chapo guzman

      what the fuck do you know about the lost boyz kiddo? you wasn’t even born yet…

      • Shut Your Bitch Ass Up


      • Curbside

        Music makes me high remix with dogg pound, classic! and let’s not forget most people were introduced to canibus on beast of the East, which he served.

      • Vladimir François

        You WEREN’T…

        • el jim chapo guzman

          oh my fault I didn’t see that kiddo.

    • Ushatford

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  • el jim chapo guzman

    RIP tah. Lost boyz was the shit still got legal drug money

  • Scromes1212

    I wish more producers and artists would do this. What good does it do to have quality music sitting on your computer. The production on this is nice. The second song is the best on the ep in my opinion.