New Music: Lupe Fiasco “Coulda Been”

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Thank, God for Rap

If Lupe wasn’t in the rap game, he could be doing a whole lot of other shit. For better or for worse, we’ll let him tell it on this re-worked track. Now on iTunes.

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  • Black Power… Ranger

    do yall home work how do yall not no this is just a re recording of a song he did in 2006 terrible journalism smh… fire BIG HOMIE

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      • Black Power… Ranger

        suck my dick …

  • el primo negro

    this is old as shit. dope song but old.

  • Tony the greek

    Lupe the Jedi. 2006. Lupe the Greatest.

  • GzUpppp

    Dope shit. This is that sleepy chill introspective rhyming that I thought was lost to rap. You hear bands remake and reinterpret old songs all the time, less so for hip-hop … Lu trend-setting with the art form on the low.

  • el jim chapo guzman

    this shit ass and old as fuck

    • Black Power… Ranger

      ur moms pussy old as fuck spic …

      • el jim chapo guzman

        Your moms burnt though.

        • Black Power… Ranger

          your momma is a whore beaner ..

  • I don’t really care that this song is old, it really has proved the test of time. I wish he would’ve took his career a little more seriously. He was giving Hov a run for his money back then..