New Album: Bryson Tiller ‘True To Self’


Pen Griffey Back

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Bryson Tiller is back with his sophomore LP ‘True To Self’. Giving us a faux date of June 23rd seemed like forever, until young he decided to surprise us. Two weeks ago Young Tiller dropped 3 songs on us and got the pot bubbling. Now we have 19 tracks worth of music to consume for this Memorial Day Weekend. Bryson’s first album ‘TrapSoul’ is a modern day classic, let’s see if Pen Griffey has the same luck this time at bat.

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  • Chronic

    So happy for Spotify….would’ve wasted money on this album cause his last one was great

  • el jim chapo guzman

    I can’t remember when was the last time I got some pussy off some RNB songs, but I’ll this tape I think it’ll work cause bryson tiller songs make them bitches pussy wet..

  • dope