JAY-Z Announces New Album, ‘4:44’

 Hypen Back

Hovi’s coming. After a few mysterious “4:44” ads appearing across the nation earlier this month, TIDAL has officially confirmed its connection with JAY-Z’s upcoming 13th album, 4:44.

Dropping on June 30, exclusively on TIDAL, the release coincides with TIDAL and Sprint’s new campaign, honoring 6 complimentary months of TIDAL to new Sprint customers. Above, a new track, “Adnis”, inspired by Jay’s father (Adnis Reeves), plays as actor Mahershala Ali trains in the black-and-white trailer for the project’s film, also starring Lupita Nyong and Danny Glover.

Hov’s sure had a great week. Last Thursday, he was inducted in the ‘Songwriters Hall Of Fame‘ and it also has been confirmed that he and wife, Beyoncé, welcomed their twins earlier in the week. Congrats!

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  • bumpy johnson

    ok hovi lets see if you still got the juice …..

  • Nas

    Still sucking Jay z’s dick smh

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Can’t wait to see the tracklist, I’ll be laughing if I see features from the migos lil Uzi vert young thug and the rest of them faggot rappers.

    • bumpy johnson

      so what .. by you laughin at the features that should offend HOV …. bruh if you were smart … by the snippet alone you cud tell hes goin a mature route with the album …

      • Lmfao!

        Look at you fanboys with the cape out for a rapper

        • bumpy johnson

          he’s the tru goat ….. what else you got ……

          • Lmfao!

            So this is what Jay Z does on his off time? Comment under anonymous accounts to stroke his own ego? I think I hear one of your twins crying, tend to that.

          • bumpy johnson

            lets stick to the topic I thought the snippet was dope … what u think …..

          • Lmfao!

            Fuck a snippet

          • bumpy johnson

            aight bruh ….. are u excited for the album .. as I am …?

          • Lmfao!

            No, I can give 2 fucks really

          • no he stalk WHIP sneeaking in teh bushes liek papap ratsi

          • You’re a dummy.

      • el jim chapo guzman

        Jay better stay on his grown man shit

  • Ncprecise

    That beat sounds sick!

  • hands mahoney

    the last time jay put out an album to promote a phone company it didn’t end well

    • MyEraWasDope

      Yea a million sold before the Album dropped..what a fucked Up conclusion

  • Epul

    I already know this shit gonna be a tidal exclusive smh

  • IS you hole wack allbum BASED on WHIP not marraige

  • MyEraWasDope

    After Hov sold 5 million off Vol 2. He made sure every album he puts out is a Huge Deal, shit is like an Event

  • Da_Truthhhhh

    Sounds like 2 chains on the snippet