TIDAL Launching ‘On Air’ Podcast Series

on air

We’re Back

Podcast season over here has returned and it’s on TIDAL. Beginning today at 1pm EST, the music and entertainment platform will roll out their new podcast series featuring yours truly and a few of our friends. Subscribe here.

• Angie Martinez, the iconic voice of hip-hop radio, will be co-hosting her “In Real Life” podcast with the hip-hop web’s Voice of Reason, Minaya “Miss Info” Oh, where the two long-time friends will be chatting about music, motherhood and everything else that happens off the clock (the first episode is available now and the series will air monthly)

Elliott Wilson will relaunch his influential Rap Radar podcast with Brian “B. Dot” Miller, where the two journalists interview a variety of hip-hop artists and discuss industry news. The first episode will feature a conversation with critically acclaimed director, Benny Boom (the first episode is available now and the series will air weekly)

• Miami’s Stefi Chacon will be interviewing some of the biggest names and next big stars in the Latin pop and urban genres on “En La Mira,” kicking off the series is an interview with Jay Alvarez (the first episode is available now and the series will air weekly)

• Cipha Sounds brings the comedy club straight to TIDAL, on “The Guest Spot” where experts and unannounced guests ranging from superstars to up-and-comers will debate various topics (will air monthly)

• One of the most influential and controversial DJs in radio history Luis Jimenez comes to TIDAL’s Podcasts. In special-themed episodes, Jimenez will bring his unique perspective and humor to cultural events like Hispanic Heritage Month, Colombian Independence Day, etc (various specials to run)

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    Do your thing TIDAL!

  • Y’all need to reach a little deeper beyond hip hop. Pitchfork had Nile Rodgers on and Red Bull had Teddy Riley. I feel that Tidal should own this lane if they chose. Get Stevie Wonder to talk about the transition from Motown to funk to synthesizers to disco to 80s boogie. Have Quincy Jones on. Any serious hip hop fans would enjoy hearing from these type of conversations.

    • Scromes1212

      Exactly. A lot of these podcasts starting to get repetitive.

  • el jim chapo guzman

    God damn how many podcast is out there, what happened to playing the latest music from our favorite rappers,.

    • DWEEB

      Times changed. Podcasts are an individual medium. Everyone is just adapting to the times.

  • HOly shit that’s amazing guys congrats! Great progression for you!! Big ups!!!

  • El Fenomeno

    so when ya coming back to itunes? lol